Protect LGBT Olympic Athletes from Russian Anti-Gay Laws

The Olympics are meant to be a time of unity. A time in which numerous countries form of a global community and diverseness is celebrated amongst its participants, as well as a display of fitness achievement. However, due to excessively harsh anti-LGBT laws and regulations just implemented in Russia, simply being gay or perhaps simply being "pro-gay" could get an individual arrested by the police there.

This major human rights violation bears catastrophic ramifications for LGBT Russians and their allies. Moreover, it absolutely undermines the morale of the Olympic Games. Not to mention, that it places each and every LGBT Olympian or their advocates heading for Sochi to participate in the sporting events in significant impending danger.

During these times, the only concerns an Olympic athlete should have are ones that involve participating in competitions and representing their country. Instead, now they must worry whether or not they'll end up being incarcerated for who they choose to love.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) needs to take a stand against this kind of human rights violation from an Olympic host nation.

Ask the IOC to publicly state their support of each and every athlete participating in the Olympic Games regardless of their sexual orientation and prohibit every effort by Russia to violate the rights of LGBT Olympians!

To whom it may concern:

The Olympics are intended to be a time to unite as a global community and celebrate diversity and fitness achievement. However, due to the excessively harsh anti-LGBT laws recently implemented in Russia, LGBT athletes now have to stress over not about competing and representing their country, but about whether or not they'll be arrested due in part to their sexual orientation.

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This form of human rights violation is completely unacceptable for an Olympic host nation. Please, publicly state your support for EACH and EVERY athlete regardless of their sexual orientation and prohibit any efforts by Russia to infringe the rights of LGBT Olympians!


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