End Bear bile farming in China

Have you ever heard of farming of bear bile?  Neither did I. But here it is,  one more inhumane act by humans to our animals.               

Bear bile farming started in China in 1995. (I'm sure it started long before that). Thousands of bears across China live in tiny cages while having their stomach bile drained through a catheter or hole in their stomachs. These catheters are placed into the bears skin and attatched to their gall bladders using hooks,  pins or any other insrument the farmers feel necessary.  This process is very painful and unsanitary resulting in numerous infections for the bear. The farmers then place "full metal jackets" on the bears to keep them still and the catheters in place.  These bears are weighed down by these jackets so they can't move around.  These jackets  cause arthritis, deformed or elongated bodies and compressed lungs from the weight.    



   This bear bile is believed in Asian culture to serve medicinal purposes such as fever and pain reducer. In recent years there has been a higher demand for the bile and now it is also being used in wine, eye drops and shampoo just to name a few. Bile is still being used despite the existence of many herbal and synthetic alternatives!  There is no reason for it and this has to be stopped!  

A bears lifespan is about 30 years.  In the wild that would be great,  but these bears are imprisoned and tortured for all those years instead. These animals don't deserve this and humans don't have the right.  This bile is not necessary and this needs to be stopped!     

Please sign this petition to help shine some light on this dark situation and help stop bear bile farming. Thank you! 

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