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What does this look like to you? Cruelty? Agony? Pain? Torture?
Or all of the above?

This is the average day in the angora rabbit fur industry. The industry where rabbits are looked down on like objects, just a price tag on a fur coat rather than actual living, breathing creatures.

Welcome to the behind the scenes the public was never meant to see...

Rabbits lined up in cold, dark and tiny metal cages filled with years-old filth. Rabbits fearfully wondering. Wondering when it'll be their turn to have their fur ripped from their skin, to scream until their lungs sting. Often their flesh will even be torn in the process, open wounds to be left untreated.

Without anaesthetics these poor rabbits can feel every moment of the agonisingly torturous pain. Many will even suffer a heart attack from such a severe experience.

Afterwards, these furless and shivering rabbits are put back into those very same tiny cages with no space to move and no blanket to supply warmth. Some will even die of hypothermia in such freezing temperatures.

And once their fur regrows this process is to be mercilessly repeated again and again and again.

Today, on a global scale, there are more than 60 million rabbits in agora rabbit fur factories. None of which have any voice.

Let's stand together and let these silenced rabbits be heard. Because with each passing day means a long miserable day filled with suffering, pain and fear for these innocent rabbits.

It's time to ban this outdated torture in angora fur industries. It's time to end this so called animal cruelty. Even "cruelty" is too soft a word to describe this house of horrors.

Please sign, share, comment and refuse to buy angora fur, or any type of animal fur/skin for that matter. Because your signature means a whole world of difference for these mistreated rabbits.

Quick Facts:

-Most rabbits in the angora rabbit fur industry will live for 1-2 years in misery if they don't die before hand

-It takes 3 months for rabbit fur to fully regrow

-This means the average amount of times an individual rabbit will have its fur ripped from its skin throughout its life is 4 to 8 times

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