NC – Reject AG Gag Bill That Would Prevent Animal Abuse Awareness on Farms

  • by: Sue Lee
  • target: NC Legislators

Animal abuse in farms like that at the Robeson County poultry farm in North Carolina would go unnoticed and continue without good people standing up for these living beings. A video was presented by ABC11 in NC showed how these animals are being mistreated. They stated that "We're seeing workers who are punching birds and throwing birds around. There are sick and injured birds who are pulled out of the slaughter line and dumped onto a dead pile that includes not only dead birds but dying birds and they're just treated like trash.”

An undercover group, Meier, was able to investigate this farm and obtain a video that uncovers the undue abuse these animals endure. The Ag Gag bill wants to present a proposal that prohibits the exposure of such practices. The Meier’s group was hired to investigate the farm, and take video showing abuses there. The Ag gag bill targets the practice of taking video or pictures by someone who gets a job specifically to showcase wrongdoing. It aims to stop whistleblowing exposes. It aims to stop undercover investigations that are unearthing these violent acts of abuse against animals behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness.”

It is no wonder these abusive groups of people want to propose this Ag Gag bill and not make their practices transparent to other. As stated by the undercover group, just do what is right! "If it's the right thing at whatever job it is, do the right thing so you don't have to worry about people making videos of you doing something that's wrong.” Help us in our efforts, through this petition, to ensure that the AG Gag bill is rejected and laws be present to protect the animals “behind closed doors.” Let’s not give these abusers the “permit” to continue the abuse of farm animals through the passing of this bill!

Dear Decision Maker – Do not even consider passing this Ag Gag bill that would literally prevent awareness of animal abuse and cruelty. Often times, the only way to uncover undue and horrific animal cruelty and abuse is through undercover investigations and reports by those who see it up close and personal. This bill will prevent anyone from helping to stop the abuse. Do not pass this bill!!! Reject the Ag Gag bill in North Carolina!!!

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