Urge Washington State to Place Moratorium on Profanity Peak's Wolfpack

Washington State has approved the killing of an entire wolf pack. The wolves attacked a herd of cows. The reasoning behind the decision does not justify the means. The cows are going to be killed either way, by the wolves or humans wanting steak dinners.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Washington State Place a Moratorium on Wolf Pack Killing

Defenders of Wildlife

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1130 17th Street, NW

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 682-9400

Washington State Government

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Governor Jay Inslee

Office of the Governor

PO Box 40002

Olympia, WA 98504-0002


Dear Governor Inslee and members of the Washington State legislature,

I am an advocate for animal welfare, both foreign and domestic, wild and captive and defender of the Earth.

I would like to ask the State of Washington to place a moratorium on their decision to kill an entire wolf pack referred to as the “Profanity Peak” wolf pack. While the loss of livestock is appreciated, wolves are just doing what comes naturally to them, hunt. We are more to blame for the cattle’s death for placing them in harm’s way. We are encroaching on their territory by further destroying the natural wolf habitat.

The Red Wolves are an endangered species and should be protected under the Endangered Species Act. They came close to extinction a couple of decades ago and were it not for federal protection, they would have been gone from the face of the Earth. Gladly, they have made a comeback and now there are  various packs spotted along Washington State.  Don’t turn back the clock on their existence by killing the whole pack.

In nature, balance is attained by the predator/prey cycle.  Nature has its own way of culling and keeping the animal population at bay. While a domesticated cow is not the principal prey of wild wolves, they do serve as an easy food source  Domesticated cows don’t have any natural predators, except man.

The rancher in question must bear responsibility for his dead cattle. The wolves are just being wolves. If you know there is a threat of wolves, then don’t send them out to graze near the wolf. Next thing, offer better protections for the herd, it's common sense.  

If, the sole reason for killing the pack is because of the dead cows, there is no logic in that reasoning. The cows are already dead.They are just being fattened up before being sent to slaughter, themselves. The end does not justify the means.


Lucio Ortega MLS

101 W Resaca Drive

Los Fresnos, Texas 78566


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Update #33 years ago
Really sad news to report. The Humane Society just blogged that the entire Profanity Woof Pack is dead. The Wolf Advisory Group (WAG) was unsuccessful in their efforts to intervene. Read full story here: http://blog.humanesociety.org/wayne/2016/09/killing-of-profanity-peak-wolves-washington.html?credit=tw_post090916 Just copy and paste in your browser.
Update #23 years ago
Well this is a volatile issue. Both the ranchers and researcher are receiving death threats. The researcher is no longer speaking up on this issue. The latest I read, of the 12, the six have already been killed, including the breeding female and a female pup. Another story reports, only one male and 4 pups remain. Still no response from the governor. I will keep you posted. Thank you for caring for animals, even wolves.
Update #13 years ago
Well, I have some bad news for you. I have read two different stories. 1. Six adult wolves have already been killed along with one female puppy. 2. There is only one male left in the pack caring for four pups. I assume it is a he and therefore, can't provide milk for the pups. Hopefully they were old enough to eat solid food. However, it does not look good for them. Thanks for caring for animals.
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