Deny legitimation, deny child support

Sign this petition if you are....
1) A father that has been denied legitimation for your children
2) denied visitation
3) know someone that has been denied and you don't agree

Under thelegitimation process in Georgia, only the father can initiate this petition. The mother of the child can deny this action and the judge then decides what they feel is in the best interest of the child, solely based in their opinion. The downside to a mother denying legitimation which is denying a man to be the legal father of the child), the courts will still go after the man for child support. This is not fair! If a woman denies legitimation and doesn't want a man, that obviously wants to be involved, his rights then child support should be denied as well. If the man can NOT be seen as the LEGAL father, then why is the state still allowed to LEGALLY take his money? This is an unethical practice and should be modified...IMMEDIATELY! Even when the women get the financial support, without legitimation, they still have the right to not allow the father visitation. Is that fair? NO!Sign this to get lawmakers to take another look at how father's rights are violated 

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