Demand for a fair chance to graduate!!!!

    Follow a misunderstanding, I did not manage to register for the thesis evaluation this semester. However, I was ready and on time with handing in my report & that is when I found out my mistake.

    I agree, with the school that rules are rules and are meant to be followed. However, not to sound like I am looking for special treatment but... I have been in the NHTV for 7 years now. I struggled the last two years with 1 exam in accounting. Now to make you see it from my point of view I'll quote a few figures.

    I am an international student and not from the EU, this means that my tuition few in a year is €10,000 (inclusive of books). My course takes 4 years but due to personal circumstances also known to school (via the school counselor) it took me a whole lot longer. For the last, 2-2.5 years, I paid this amount for just 1 exam & thesis.

    See, I'm not a rich person nor do I have a rich family supporting me. Quite the opposite actually, I am dependent of extended family for help to pay tuition fees (sister & brother of my mother). As you can imagine, patience and even kindness runs dry eventually & they gave me an ultimatum to finish school this academic year because they will no longer pay on for me.

    Trust me, I more than anything took this pressure on board positively. I went above and beyond to get my final paper done in time. My school account was even blocked for a period of time because I had not paid my fee in time but it did not stop me. I got it done. With 2 hours of sleep since just the same, I had to work odd jobs to supplement my tuition fee as well.

    I admit, it's not the school's fault I didn't register for my graduation on time. However, the punishment befits the crime. See...if they don't review my paper and I don't graduate, I no longer have a reason to stay in the country. I will have to leave and unlike some students who can come back, I can't because I can't afford it. I also can't convince my family to give more than the loan they have given me already. That of which I will be unable to pay without a proper job (I can work odd jobs sure but how long will it take to pay €9,900 plus the cost of flight back home because I can't afford that too?)

    All I'm asking is a chance to get evaluated. I know my paper is not perfect but it is good enough for a meer pass which is all I need at this point.

    Many may not completely relate but I call on empathy from my fellow students and teachers who are also parents. Put yourselves in my shoes for a moment, imagine what it has been like to be a full time student, work odd jobs and also help babysit my cousins in order to get a loan from my family for my tuition. Imagine the frustration of repeatedly studying and failing an exam but still push on despite running of meer fumes. Imagine, almost... Just almost getting what you worked out for only for a serious but small technical mistake strip that all away. €70,000, 7 years down the line yet back to nothing!!! Is it really a fair punishment?!

    The only thing that can change this is a desicion from the board of examinations to grant me an exemption. I already requested this and they decline but I refuse to take a NO for my dreams, all the hard work and sacrifice. This is where you come in....HELP ME SHOW THE SCHOOL THE GRAVITY OF THIS DECISION AND REQUEST THEM TO RE-CONSIDER BY SIGNING MY PETITION.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Nangendo
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