If you must kill a coyote, do it humanely!

Here in Nevada, the use of steel leg traps are surprisingly still legal. We aim to change that and demand humane treatment. If there is a need to reduce the coyote population due to increased sightings and attacks on pets and/or children in their own yards, there are humane ways to accomplish this. There is also a great risk to our children and grandchildren and our pets etc., with the use of these cruel traps . Any one of these and many other wild animals can become trapped in these and inhumane traps. It is also well worth noting, it is not just legs that can spring thee straps.
This causes an animal to needlessly suffer. A trapper is only required to check these traps every 96 hours. Allowing for the animals to suffer, die of starvation and thirst, become a meal to another animal or, chew off the body part that is stuck in the trap. Our children and grandchildren can also be caught. Just recently a trap was found in front of the scho here in Nevada, the use of steel leg traps are legal. This causes an animal suffer a great deal. Many different animals can be caught. Just recently a trap was found near an elementary school, with a chewed off coyote foot in it. This must be stopped! Wild animals deserve humane treatment as well. Our children and our pets deserve to be safe while running about and playing on our trails. Parents should not be afraid to send their children to school because a steel trap could be there with animal body parts in it.

There are plenty of humane types of traps and ways of killing these animals when necessary. Cage traps, news traps with bait, a hunter using a rifle and making sure the animal is dead quickly. The law should provide for these animals to be in their dens safely. That is where we want them. It is in our neighborhoods that we want to scare them away from. Making sure they still have a healthy fear of humans. All of this can be done humanely. We cannot remain a society that is so cruel and using traps that can harm so many others. Help us make steel traps illegal in Nevada!

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