grandparents right to visitation of their grandchildren.

hello my name is kathy mtitchell,grandmother to 3 children of my son.i am very sad and depressed over the fact that my son and daughter in law will not let me see my grandchildren.i know the parents should have complete control over there kids well being,but i have NEVER DONE ANYTHING! to harm my grandkids or put them in harms way.i have no contact at all with my grandkids or my son.he is in army and so is my daughter in law.which is a wonderful expression of the love of there country,but what is the army teaching them about the love of their family? i practically raised my son alone as a single parent all his life.and sacrificed everything for him.and my  family as witnesses  will tell u he has had the best of care from his mother and my family.i will be honest i am an opionated person and im sure that is why they are mad at me?i dont have any idea what i have said to make them sooooo!mad at me.they have gone as far to block there facebook page from me and blocked there phon#s.i justdont understand it.i just wonder if its a control thing they have,and they r just doing these things because they can..they have even told all of my facebook friends t block me???why do they hate me so bad? i really have a great sisters know that i do and my mother.which never gets to see her great grandkids.neither does my sisters or my handi cap niece.she wants to spend x with them so bad.  I HOPE THAT U TRUST EVERTHING I HAVE SAID,CAUSE ITS ALL TRUE.THANK YOU KATHY(GRANDMOTHER)

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