Apologize, Make Amends and End America's Eugenics Program

  • by: Susan V
  • target: President Obama and US Congress
Amid recent blunders, North Carolina did something right. Its resolve to atone for its infamous eugenics program has brought the issue much-needed national attention. Now, our country's leaders must apologize.  

For over half a century, tens of thousands of Americans were either misled, pressured or forced into sterilization procedures meant to rid the population of “undesirables.“ Some, labeled mentally incompetent, were locked away for years in institutions and severely drugged or electro-shocked.

NC’s victims were mostly African-American, but elsewhere American Indians were targeted. Advocates for this group say the goal went beyond improving the gene pool. They call it genocide and insist it‘s not over yet, with abuses now carried on by the foster-care system

Apologies from a few individual states aren't enough to fix the racism that led to eugenics and remains today.  

Tell President Obama and Congress to apologize and compensate for America’s Eugenics Program.

We, the undersigned, believe it is way past time for America to apologize for its eugenics program.

While America and the Nuremberg Trials rightfully punished the crimes of the Nazi Regime, which took our eugenics program to the ultimate, atrocious level, America has shamefully kept its crimes in the closet.

Only a few states, Virginia, Oregon, California and North Carolina have acknowledged and apologized for their parts in this program, with the latter being the only one, so far, to consider even token restitution to victims.

America can no longer call other countries on their civil rights abuses, while failing to come clean on this eugenics issue.

We ask our President and our Congress to make a public apology for the eugenics program and fully compensate all living victims, as well as descendants and spouses of deceased victims of these crimes. We also ask that all modern versions of eugenics that support racism or violate civil rights in any way be exposed and ended at once and forever in America.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these requests.

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