Time to get rid of the filibuster

The filibuster is a weapon for obstructionists. It has no place in the Constitution or in the law. It's time we stopped giving a single Senator or Senators the power to indefinitely hold up legislation and judicial and other appointments.

Neither the Constitution nor any statute contains a single word about any such thing as a filibuster. It is merely provided for by the rules adopted by a MAJORITY of the Senators on the first day of the term.

It is totally within the power of the Senate Democrats to dispense with it altogether. And it is high time that they did.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell publicly admitted that his primary goal, during President Obama's first term, was to ensure that our President was not reelected to a second term.  And the way he sought to accomplish that was by leading a Senate Minority which "just said no". No to healthcare, no to jobs, no to anything that could help move our country forward. And the only reason he could do that was... the filibuster.

It is time to get rid of this anachronistic roadblock to progress.

And to remove from Mr McConnell and his cronies their ability to hamstring our country, and hold it hostage to the whims of the corporate elite who line their pockets with political contributions and PAC money.

When the President makes appointments "with the advice and consent of the Senate" it was not contemplated by the framers that he was required to also get the blessing of Mitch McConnell, too.

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