Lloyd and leila culled at stepney city farm London. answers needed.

  • by: Pauline Boyd
  • target: DEFRA and Stepney City Farm London

Lloyd and Leila, two cows who lived at Stepney City Farm were culled and incinerated this week. They had been resident at the farm for years, even making an appearance on a TV show in the UK. Defra refused a permit to allow them to travel to Hillside Animal Sanctuary. An appeal was underway but the cows were culled regardless. Over 16 and a half thousand people signed the petition to try and help the cows be granted a move to Hillside where they would have lived out their rest of their lives without risk of being slaughtered. They were healthy, had tested negative for TB and there was no need for them to die. Jim Fitzpatrick MP tried to help save the cows, even appealing to the EU, but Lloyd and Leila were killed anyway. Why should healthy animals die due to red tape?

As an animal lover I cannot understand why a working farm would slaughter two healthy cows and am starting this petition so that someone can explain why these animals, even though healthy, were not given the relevant paperwork to move to Hillside animal santuary who had offered them a home for life.

I believe Stepney City Farm should also answer as to why they were not prepared to keep the cows who had been with them for many years and why they did not wait for the results of an appeal before making the decision to end these cows lives.

Apparently it cost £2000 a year to keep Lloyd and Leila and because they were getting old there would have been vets bills as well.

Two lovely cows killed for the sake of £2000 a year. So many people wanted to save these cows. They should not have died.

Dear Stepney City Farm and Defra

It greatly saddens me to hear that two healthy cows, Lloyd and Leila were culled this week even though they were healthy. I would appreciate someone from your organisation to answer why these cows were being moved in this first instance and why you did not wait until the result of an appeal regarding Defras decision not to allow them to move before the decision was taken to slaughter the animals.

As an animal lover, I am struggling to understand why a farm would put two healthy cows to slaughter without exhausting every legal avenue to try and save them.

Yours faithfully

Update #33 years ago
Thank you very much to everyone who has signed and thank you to the person who sent me pictures of Lloyd and Leila taken the week before they were killed, if I can manage to get them uploaded on here I will do, the pictures are truly heartbreaking.
Update #23 years ago
Thank you again to everyone who has signed. I hope we will get to 1000 signatures soon and keep rising, there was so much support for Lloyd and Leila to live and Hillside Animal Sanctuary do so much for animals at risk of slaughter. I am heartened that after just over 24 hours of this petition being live, we are almost at 600 signatures. Thank you.
Update #13 years ago
Thank you so much to every single person who has signed so far. Please keep sharing. I am a long time supporter of Hillside and I was hoping that Lloyd and Leila would be saved. As were thousands of other people. It is desperately sad, but every person who is aware and who signs, makes a difference.

Thank you

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