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As Americans, we have inherently submitted to the Laws and Governing Authority of this Nation Because, our Leaders are supposed to enact our will, based on a majority vote.  This is in addition to protecting us from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  (This is the basis of the Public Trust.)  Good Government should address the needs and complaints of her citizens, which ultimately earns her the Public Trust.  This relationship ensures every citizen the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  When these rights are violated or infringed upon we rely on the Constitution, Criminal, or Civil Law to refocus our efforts.  When one of these branches of law becomes old, outdated, or ineffective we must with due process and urgency; strive to rememdy the situation and minimize injustice

Among these current injustices is the ability of gun owners and manufactures to enjoy the benefits of bearing arms and making profits, while victims of gun violence and innocent bystanders receive nothing for their pain and suffering.  Today, even tobacco companies realize selling dangerous products requires accountability and our government diligently enacted laws providing medical and financial compensation for her victims.  see:  (US Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.)

Using the Anti-Trust Laws; every Attorney General in the United States should consider combining resources and confront gun manufactures in order to compensate the number of victims of gun violence.  They should conduct investigations into these companies and impose fines and sanctions.  One recommendation is to enact legislation requiring gun manufactures to contribute to a fund for victims, just like tobacco companies.  This would begin to restore the Public Trust, in every major city in America.    

If you are required to have car insurance, because of accidents and deaths from motor vehicles, then gun insurance is the next natural step in providing protection to American citizens.  Gun: violence and deaths 470,000 per year vs Car Accidental deaths 33,000 per year vs tobacco deaths 433,000 per year.  Gun manufactures should be held to the same standard.

Help us preserve the Public Trust.  Enact the Jihada Shariff Bill

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