Justice For Tikiri

This petition has been reopened. Please ignore ALL previous updates. To get current updates on this case, please go to Saengduean Lek Chailert's Facebook page, or the Facebook page Rally For Animal Rights & Protection Of Environment. 

Tikiri was a 70 year old ailing elephant in Sri Lanka. As you can see in the photo, she had been severely neglected and was in urgent need of medical help. She was being forced to participate in Sri Lanka's grueling religious festivals known as peraheras. Last night we lost dear Tikiri. We are asking the Sri Lankan government to investigate her death and prosecute the onwers for cruelty and neglect.

Update #52 years ago
Many people have been asking if we could raise funds and buy Tikiri from her owner. He was asked if he would sell her and he said no. Also as previously mentioned, there are no sanctuaries in Sri Lanka. Luckily she is doing well and her health is improving. Again if you are in Sri Lanka, please consider visiting her. If you do not live in Sri Lanka but have friends who do, please ask them to visit her. Thank you. This will be the last update.
Update #42 years ago
On August 19th the animal activist Champa Fernando visited Tikiri at her home. Thanks to the worldwide media attention, the owners are taking better care of her. She is tethered by a very long cotton rope. She is being fed well and getting medical treatment. In videos and pictures posted on FB by Champa you can see she looks healthier. Animal activists and lovers are going to continue to check on her. If you live in Sri Lanka PLEASE visit her. The more people that check on her the better.
Update #32 years ago
Today an animal activist named Champa Fernando visited Tikiri at her home. She is doing better. She is still tethered but it is a very long cotton rope. She is being fed well and is getting medical attention. If you would like more updates you can follow Champa on Facebook. She is posting lots of videos and pictures and they are all open to the public.
Update #22 years ago
Tikiri is back with her owner. He has promised not to use her in festivals or for rides. Unfortunately she is kept tethered with a rope and is controlled with a bull hook. She is supposedly getting medical attention. Local animal activists are staying on top of the situation. Sadly there are no sanctuaries in Sri Lanka so she has nowhere to go.
Update #12 years ago
Great news. Tikiri will no longer have to participate in the peraheras. As soon as there is more information on what happens to her next, you will be notified. Thank you so much for caring about her and signing this petition.
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