Spare The Trap/Euthanasia of Florida Black Bear

Florida Wildlife is so diverse and amazing. The Florida Black Bear is losing ground in Wekiva Springs Basin area due to just being outside - where he/she belongs! Residents live in areas that were home to generations of Florida Black Bear families. Traps get set and animals don't stand a chance once deemed ''dangerous to humans.''  Of course, what is dangerous in the mind of a human may be different than what is going on in the mind of a bear.  What is wrong with this picture?

Carly Van Heerdan writes:

To the residents of Florida, the Florida government and the forestry department :

We are aware of the Black Bear roaming in the area. We have been informed that this beautiful creature is to be trapped and put to sleep. This is outrageous. Although many feel that the black bear presents a threat, folks should instead be warned about the bear in the area, an
d given advice on how to deal with the situation wisely.

We ask that all efforts be made to trap and relocate this bear. He/She has obviously lived in this area for sometime now, so did his/her family before. At present he/she has caused no harm to residents in the area. Bears do not need to be feared, they need to be understood.

With this petition we appeal to you to warn residents and to advise them on the steps to take if and when they have the creature in their sights.

With this petition we ask that steps be taken to re-locate this bear into a habitat that is suitable.

Please be fair. Destruction takes two minutes, yes - educating takes a little longer, and relocating - a few days. But out of respect for these majestic creatures, please lets make an example of just how compassionate this state can be when it comes to nature.

Please add your much needed signature to this petition to show the Florida government how we feel. Thank you.

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