• by: Lauren
  • target: Aintree race course, government

As many of you know the Grand national is a big racing event here in Great Britain with 40 horses participating in a 4 and a half mile race consisting of 30 jumps. 35 horses have died since 2002 to present day, which is just cruel to the animals.

The only ones who benefit from this sport are the owners who want to try and risk innoncent horses lives in order to win £970,000.

The fences that the poor horses are jumping over are too high and their are far too many horses entered which makes it harder for the horses to stay safe. I believe that horses lives are more important than money and that people shouldn't be able to play god with lives.

Sycronised and According to Pete were both killed 14/04/2012 due to this race, if you watched the lead up to the race you would have seen Sycronised ruun off minus his jockey, he was totally scared of the atmosphere and quite frankly wanted to get away. Once his jockey came back to the horse he was lead up to one of the jumps in which he shyed away from, he didn't want to jump or run. The vet checked his heart rate for less than a second and confirmed that he was fit to race when clearly he was not which has come out today in the newspapers.

According to Pete was a beautiful family horse born and raced by an 71 year old man on an acre of land next to his MOT centre and the horses mother. He fell over another horse that had fallen at one of the fences and broke his neck, if their hadnt been as many horses as there were there would have more room for horses to land safely therefore saving According to Pete and most probably Syncronised.

Year after year the grand national is run and every year horses die and injured for peoples entertainment. With no care or thought for the welfare of the horse. 

Sign today and make a difference, please do not let another horse have to die for someone entertainment. 

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