Demand an end to lobbyists paying for and influencing your congressman's vote!

We are eager to see some laws change, i.e. lowered drug prices and gun control. Gun control is one where we always hope something would be changed, especially when there is a mass shooting at a school or church. The reason there is never any significant changes? Blame the NRA. A powerful lobbying group that does everything it can to make sure that gun control bills aren't passed, including paying incentives for "no" votes. Right now there are 189 Republicans and 16 Democrats in the House, who get money from the NRA. In the Senate, 38 Republicans and 4 Democrats (2016).
Pharmaceutical lobbying or Big Pharma, is a billion dollar lobbying group. They are lobbying to push opiates! At a cost of 2.5 billion dollars.  Because of their lobbying efforts, Congress has made it hard to go after the drug companies (Washington Post). They are also the reason our drug prices are so high even though there have been bills that have been put before Congress to lower drug prices. They say need the higher prices to do research. Other countries also do research and they don't have the exorbitant costs for their medicine like we do. Thanks, Big Pharma.
We need to stop lobbyists from influencing the congressmen's votes. They need to speak their own mind, not have money do the talking.

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