Justice for Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell

We All Demand Justice for Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell. I Do Not Believe Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell Committed Suicide. Chester Wrote a Letter To Chris Cornell After His Death & Promised Him He Would Be There For Chris' Children. From what I've read, Researched & Heard. They were Silenced, (Staged Suicides). We need to Look Beyond what the Media feeds us. There is SO MUCH Truth that gets Hidden. People in High places Make info Disappear ect .. Forged Autopsies, Quick Cremations. I'll just say Research "The Silent Children". I do not mean to offend anyone just asking to keep an Open Mind regarding Chester and Chris's Deaths.

Listen to "Walking in Circles" by Chester in Dead By Sunrise, Check out "No More Sorrow" by Linkin Park, He was trying to Wake us Up to Expose THE TRUTH & His words "Everyone's Sleeping!" 
Even "Talking to Myself" ??

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Listen to "Hunger strike" by Chris Cornell and "When Bad Does Good". Chester and Chris were making a Documentary about The Silent Children. Exposing Child Sex Trafficking, Child Organ Harvesting. Chris Cornell apparently got hold of "The Black Book" And was going to EXPOSE pretty BIG names & even mentioned it at his LAST CONCERT about the DOCUMENTARY. The Black Book was Full of High up Politicians, Ex Presidents, The Music Industry, Hollywood Stars & Much More. After Chris was SILENCED, Chester wasn't going to stop what he set out to do, Researching more into his friends death. There is REAL EVIL in this world they knew TOO MUCH They were MURDERED !

I suffer with Depressive Anxiety Disorder Myself. I also take Lorazepam aka Ativan The Same Meds that Chris was on & It's taken for Anxiety & NO IT DOES NOT give you Suicidal Thoughts at all, Nor did he O.D on those. It is Prescribed to Calm you down so blaming that as a contributor for his death is absolute BS.
Chris's murder was a warning to Chester.
Chester WASN'T struggling with Substance Abuse or Alcohol Abuse around the time of his Murder either. 2 beers (2 European Beers) May i add were found at the scene. Even Police reported his death firstly as a possible Homicide so please do your research !

Chris was planning a Holiday prior to his Death. Chester had just brought a New House and was on Holiday with his family prior to his Death. Does not make sense at all. Chester's heart was allegedly Stopped by an Electrical Device, A little less Messy Than what they done to Chris & Then Staged the Whole thing ! Do Not Follow the Sheep that are Sucked into this Fake News and Controlled Media eating up every piece of BS they are fed. LISTEN they are Deceiving ALL OF YOU! Not everything what you hear is True. Again, Money Talks..
They were Perfect Candidates to Sway the People because of they're Mental Health. They DID NOT Kill Themselves. It's all a Cover up. Thorough Investigations needed & They're Killers to face Justice.


Update #59 months ago
I just wanted to thank everyone who signed and helped make this petition grow for the justice of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.
We have reached over the 1000 signature goal, we infact reached 1179 !.
I have all we need to make this hopefully possible and will be closing the petition after this email reaches you.
Then the petition will be sent straight to The White House after the weekend.
Follow Louder Than Love Facebook group for further updates.
Thank you all so much
Love Joanna x
Update #411 months ago
Thank you everyone for partaking in this Journey for REAL TRUTH
of what really happened to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell.
exposing just how brave heroic these men actually were. I also am aiming this petition will
shine light on The Silent Children for they're voices to be heard and find
safety from the evil elites envoled in this sick circles.
from the Documentary. With you amazing all of you we are currently
at 798 signatures only 202 to go!

Joanna Moor
Update #3about a year ago
Hi Justice Seekers!
we are at 245 signatures so far! i thank you so much still a long way to go to reach 1000 by October
2020 i believe we can reach that! Please share everywhere! Chester and Chris both deserve to have they're names cleared. They were trying to expose evil to protect our Children! Murdered, Silenced and covered
up as suicides? the exact same way? a lot does not add up! They wanted the truth
to be told they was hushed! bring them JUSTICE !
lets do this! They need our help
Update #2about a year ago
Hi Justice Seekers,
So far we have 58 signatures in just 2 weeks that's so Awesome!
Thank you all so very much in joining this movement
for the JUSTICE of Chester and Chris.
We must pull together to make this petition grow and take action!
PLEASE SHARE this petition on social media, with friends, loved ones.
In higher numbers of supporters signatures
we can make this possible!


Joanna Moor.
Update #11 years ago
Thank you all so much for joining me in this petition.
Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell need Justice!
I feel the families may be either scared or have been threatened, warned and
trying to protect themselves and in doing so are feeding into this
suicide awareness propaganda. I may recieve threats
But i will not stop and am aiming to clear Chester & Chris's names
and by these investigations hoping may also lead to The Silent Children giving them a voice.
am proud of you all.

Joanna Moor

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