Justice for brutally killed Somali kid Amir Ibrahim, 1999-2007 in Netherlands

  • by: Mohammed Ali
  • target: Netherlands Gov. , EU, USA Gov , Human-rights groups

On Friday November 30th 2007 around 6 in the evening, Amir Ibrahim (8), child of Somalian immigrants, was reported missing in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The next day he was found dead under a car in a garage at a dairy farm in Eijsden, the southernmost town in Holland. That Friday he supposedly fell on a pedestrian crossing and was ''hooked'' under a car that tore him some 10 miles to Eijsden, while he was alive. How he died remained a mystery. This is how police described the course of events in the 318 page police file.

Internet activist Carla Aquarius (48) investigated the mystery, contacted the mother of the child, Kadija Idris, who handed Aquarius  all the documents produced in this case. The first discovery was that there were two death certificates of the deceased child. One in Maastricht and one in Eijsden. Soon more discrepancies followed, witnesses in the police file were interviewed again. It became clear that the police file was completely falsified.

The real story is that the child was killed by the police. This immigrant family had been harassed from the moment they set foot in the Netherlands. The children were put under government custody, a common measure for immigrants, meaning their sovereign citizen status is taken away.Parents must follow orders in the daily upbringing of their children.

After Aquarius started investigating these custody cases in 2006, the Dutch government followed her, tapped her phone and sent over plainclothes policeman to bang on doors and windows. Clear messages to stop her activities. December 2009, this was shortly after she got hold of the Amir Ibrahim files, the police conducted a raid on her house in Weert. Subsequently her website WGBO.nl was shut down.
On july 20th 2010 Aquarius was arrested and thrown in an isolation cell for 2½ weeks. Renowned law firm Moszkowicz got her out, but the government kept her another 4 weeks in the Ter Peel Prison in Sevenum . A 600 page criminal file was fabricated, containing numbers of false accusations.

Aquarius was never convicted of any crime. Still, to this day her family is severely threatened, money and goods illegally seized. Friday the 8th of June of this year, the police forced entry to Aquarius' house for the fourth time.

Another journalist-filmmaker Abdi Jama took on the same case. He was found dead in a canal in Amsterdam. Amir's mother Kadija fled the Netherlands with her daughter, afraid for retributions for giving away the police file.

The police file contains many names. Jeukens, van Sebille, Beckers, Hennessy, Hurkens, and van Dalsen were witnesses of one or more of these crucial elements: the police chasing the kid, the assault, a shooting and the cover-up activities. Jeukens called 911 that friday and told the police what she saw.

Saturday, 1 December things almost unraveled. In a swift move, the justice department came up with the definitive cover-up story-line. At 2:30 in the afternoon Amir ''was found in a a garage in Eijsden''. This was put out in a press release.

It was the garage of…Mrs Jeukens. The government shut her up by turning her into the ''suspect'' driver that ''hooked'' Amir. The DA's office took the next 6 months to retro-fit the complete story. ''Witness accounts'' were dated back to the time of the '' traffic accident'', 30nov and the beginning of december.

On presentation of the police file, District Attorney Anneke Rogier at a press conference felt the urge to tell journalists this is ''a story that never ever happened in the whole world''. That was one sentence too many. This very statement was the trigger for Aquarius to start her investigation.

Go to page 283. This is police report 2007170431-52, an overview of all activities in this case, dated and signed by team leader Paul Reintjens on 20 July 2008.

If number 52 is signed in 2008, than how is it possible that number 56 in the sequence, the Hennessy police report (page 140,141), is signed 6 months earlier in time, december 2007? Hennessy's handwritten account of events had to give some authenticity to the police file. She transcribed it from a text produced in the DA's office. The reason why she did this is unclear.

Scroll a bit further, to page 296. Again, same number: 2007170431-52. Every police-report in the X-pol registration system has a unique number. Two reports with the same number is physically impossible. Also the form number at the bottom of the page is automatically allocated by the computer. Two of the same can only mean one thing: there was some old-school copying and pasting going on.

Not the digital kind. At a certain point, the team leader was standing next to the Xerox machine, Typex, paper, scissors and scotch tape on the table, putting it all together.

There never was a dead body in Eijsden. That friday, a severly wounded Amir had been secretly transported to the AZM hospital in Maastricht. There he lost his life. Seeing no way out, the conspirators may have pushed him over the edge. The City of Maastricht automatically gets notified by the AZM in case of death in the hospital. A city employee filled out the certificate. The certificate from Eijsden is a fraud.

An autopsy was held. Coroner Rene Cardynaals reported a long list of injuries to the Amir's body. A top justice department prosecutor a year later stated: ''because of the absence of damage to the body...''

The autopsy ended 10 December 2007, 7 december Amir was burried.

The other ''witnesses'' in this police file were were collaborators with the justice department. Rijke en van de Graaf confirmed Amir's fall on the pedestrian crossing on the Ruttesingel. LaHou, de Waard, Cox and Cruts gave the accounts of ''a leg sticking out under the car''. They all phrased it in exactly the same words.
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