The Tucson Rodeo Shocks Animals with 5,000 Volts of Electricity to Bring Amusement to Humans

The Tucson Rodeo opened on Saturday, February 17 for the start of its 99th year - heralding the renewed practice of shocking animals with electric prods, all for human entertainment.

5,000 to 6,000 volts of electricity run through the electric shock devices, which humans then apply to bulls and horses specifically to inflict pain and distress. The agony from these electric bolts running through their systems sends the animals into a state of terror and panic, leading them to run and dart around in the rodeo arenas.

Even the company that produces these electric prods, called Hot-Shot, opposes this practice. The company condemned this cruelty, saying: "Any use for entertainment purposes is not something we support or condone."

Yet so far, there's nothing to stop the Tucson Rodeo from doing this. Why? Because Congress currently allows torture against rodeo animals as part of a legal exemption. Demand Congress end this exemption now!

Rodeos are already brutal events for animals to go through. Many wind up injured, maimed, or even dead - and those that survive are traumatized by the chaos and mistreatment around them.

Investigations have revealed that rodeo handlers regularly abuse animals with these shock tools, even though the Tucson Rodeo claims it only uses them on "problem animals" (as if that would even make it any better).

There is no justification for intentionally torturing animals like this, and no possible reason that would make it okay. Doing all this just to bring humans some amusement is especially sickening.

Ordinarily, the U.S. Animal Welfare Act would prohibit such overt forms of cruelty, trauma, and abuse - but rodeo animals are considered exempt, apparently not worthy of such protection. This is a disgusting loophole and the U.S. Congress must close it now.

Sign the petition to demand the U.S. Congress close the loophole that currently allows rodeos throughout the country to intentionally and routinely abuse animals!
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