Demand a more humane method of Male Chick Culling in the chicken industry

  • by: hilary hartwell
  • recipient: United Egg Producers (UEP), Egg Farmers of Canada, CPEPC aka the Canadian poultry and Egg Processors Council, the Canadian Hatchery Federation, the International Egg Commission

Every day, thousands of baby chickens get sorted in factories, about half, the females, will go on to get their beaks cut with a hot blade without anaesthesia, so they don't peck each other to death as they live in horrible, usually crowded conditions to lay eggs until they collapse, their bones turned to mush from the calcium draining from their bodies to produce eggs, starved for weeks, in a process called "forced molting"  ...but what I want to talk to you today about, is where the males and "defective" chicks go, they are either flung against the hard concrete floors of the factories, which sometimes does not kill them, and crammed into bins to suffocate and die underneath their panicked siblings stomped under the weight of factory workers to compact their little twitching, peeping bodies to make room for more unfortunate chicks, ...OR alive, fully conscious, into the bone crushing blades of the grinder. Without any stunning, or anaesthesia provided, these poor little souls get picked up, by human hands, and are thrown into the blades of a grinder, also known as a macerator, maceration means to chew, mash, crush, twist and mangle to a bloody, twitching pulp. These baby animals are caught between the rotating macerator blades by whatever body part is unlucky enough to land first, sometimes a foot, tail, or a wing, only sometimes is it simply head first, which would spare them the indescribable agony of feeling every inch of their body it takes to get to their head, finally killing them -crunch between the merciless blades of a machine as their blood spatters and what was once wing, foot, tail, is now unrecognizable pulp, attached through the blades, to the other half of a very much alive, kicking, and screaming baby bird.

                           ...Greusome huh? well there are ways of euthanizing baby birds without pain, Gassing and other methods are gaining popularity in europe, but baby chicks need your help to spare them this atrocity, big companies like United Egg Producers (UEP)-which is a Capper-Volstead cooperative of egg farmers from all across the United States and representing the ownership of approximately 95% of all the nation's egg-laying hens, Egg Farmers of Canada, CPEPC aka the Canadian poultry and Egg Processors Council, their partners, the Canadian Hatchery Federation, and the International Egg Commission, need your prompting to move in this direction, please write to them after signing this petition if you can, and tell them, politely, to please consider the anaesthesia and or gassing of chicks before they are killed, thank you.

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