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Basically, the tow four-player teams have to shoot hoops while riding on the donkeys. The animals often just lay down, crushed by the players’ weight and, in these situations, competitors are allowed to dismount and drag the donkey to the hoop. Donkeys can carry up to 68kg, but many of the donkey basketball players weigh considerably more.

The sport was developed during the Depression as entertainment in rural areas, and is still used as a fund-raising tool in the Midwest high schools. Four players compete on each team on donkeys and they can dismount to pull their donkeys along, but they have to be seated to shoot


Donkeys are deprived of food and water for hours before the game so that they don't foul on the court, and the animals often become confused by the noise and chaos and can be kicked and dragged along. They can also have to carry overweight riders, which puts strain on their spine.





please help contact Arne Duncan, The U.S. Secretary of Education asking for a policy that bans the use of live animals in fundraisers forever.

Dear U.S. Secretary of Education Mr Arne Duncan

Each year, schools, clubs, and recreation departments across the country use donkey basketball games as fundraisers. During these games, donkeys are dragged around a court and mishandled by participants who have little or no experience with donkeys, the animals are often shoved, kicked, dragged, yelled at, or whipped when they don%u2019t cooperate.
Donkey basketball fundraisers send kids the message that it is OK to abuse and humiliate those who are weaker than they are. Children who are exposed to animal abuse are taught the dangerous lesson that cruelty is acceptable.


We the undersigned refuse to participate in or attend these cruel events and urge all education officials to adopt a policy for the complete Ban of donkey basketball games in all schools.

We Thank You For Your Attention To this Matter.

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