Stop Toxic Dust and Create Habitat at the Salton Sea!


To send a clear message to elected officials- it's time to Save Our Sea.

Due to Federal, State and Local water policies the Salton Sea is shrinking, exposing toxic sea bottom thus posing a serious public health problem to the surrounding populations in the United States and Mexico while disrupting and destroying the migratory and nesting patterns of some 400 species of Pacific Flyway shore birds. In the next 5-10 years these declines would accelerate beyond our ability to reverse them. This would disastrously affect the economies of Imperial and Riverside Counties as well as Mexico unless immediate action is taken.
 Although current plans have some great first steps, they do not effectively cover all of the "playa" (toxc-dust-emitting-beach) or create nearly enough habitat to maintain current struggling populations. They need one more step and support from the people to cover all the bases for a sustainable, long-term solution. This issue must be louder for current authorities to act.


Please join us in supporting importing sea water from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico via the Laguna Salada to raise the Salton Sea lake level to the historic 1965 shore line (-235).  

A full lake will allow property owners to use their docks, access the boat ramp, and enjoy the beauty of a full Salton Sea.

A full lake will allow property owners to avoid breathing toxic dust from the 75,000 acres when the lake starts to dry up in two years.

A full Laguna Salada lake in Mexico will stop 150,000 acres blowing dust on Mexicali.

The Salton Sea needs 2.0 million acre feet per year to replace evaporation and supply sea water to a host of new economic development projects at the Salton Sea and the Laguna Salada.

Direct benefits.

- Support 5,000 acres of new habitat in the proposed two lake system.

- Support 25,000 acre sea salt farm on the east side of the Salton Sea.

- Support 25,000 acres of salt water farms on the West side of the Salton Sea.

- Support 300,000 acre feet of new water storage and development.

- Support building affordable housing around the Salton Sea.

- Support economic development at the Salton Sea.

- Eliminate 75,000 acres of dusty land at the Salton Sea.

- Eliminate 150,000 acres of dusty lands (dry lakebed) at the Laguna Salada.

Please show your support for California and Mexico's future!

We are quickly running out of time, and the Salton Sea region NEEDS YOUR VOICE for responsiblie solutions for generations to come. Please help by sharing your voice.

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