Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in Melbourne

  • by: Erin M
  • recipient: City of Melbourne
According to one Melbourne-based horse-drawn carriage operator, he treated his animals "like gold." It might sound like the horse is in good hands until you remember that a gold is an inanimate object that has no feelings or capacity to think. Horses, on the other hand, are very much alive, can feel pain and shouldn't be forced to drag tourists around the streets of Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter.

Earlier this month a carriage horse collapsed in downtown Melbourne when it slipped on pavement tiles. As it fell, it caused another horse to fall on top of it. Thankfully, neither were too injured, but the accident brings up some persistent questions in cities that allow horses to be used in this way.

Is it safe? And is it humane? The answer to both is no. Horse-drawn carriages cause accidents all over the world. Horses, which are prey animals, spook easily and when that happens they can run out into traffic and cause serious accidents. Secondly, in many places the horses are overworked, forced to walk or stand for hours on end in the blazing sun or freezing cold. In some cases they have even collapsed and died.

If you don't agree with treating horses this way, sign the petition.

A quick Google search returns several tragic stories of carriage horse abuse around the world. From scared runaway horses to horses collapsing due to exhaustion or even being hit by oncoming traffic. This is no way to treat a living, breathing animal. Especially when there are so many alternatives to get around. We must take on the cities that continue to allow this cruel and antiquated practice.

Unlike Mr. Ed, real horses can't talk. So that is why it is so important that we speak for them and help defend them from animal cruelty. Add your voice to to a movement to end horse-drawn carriages and ask the city of Melbourne to ban them for good.
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