SAY NO TO THE NEW UDO!! Single Family Residential Neighborhoods UNDER ATTACK!

Neighborhoods that have been zoned Residential Single Family are UNDER ATTACK by the new UDO! Most neighborhoods will instead be zoned R2 (depending on lot sizes) in the new UDO which means corner houses could be converted/replaced by duplexes "by right", meaning no public process. This is to increase "affordable housing" in Bloomington.

How does this affect homeowners and neighborhoods?

  1. -Increased competition between single families and investors to buy homes, resulting in the dream of buying a home for many families in Bloomington becoming even more difficult.
  2. -Possible overcrowding and parking issues on streets.
  3. -Landlords and or renters may lack commitment to neighborhood and therefore affect overall neighborhood appeal.
  4. -The UDO does not say how it will guarantee this will be used for affordable housing rather than for high cost rentals
  5. -Landlords may not maintain structure and therefore affect value of other homes in neighborhood
  6. -Homes adjacent to rental properties could have resale value directly affected
  7. -Bloomington is already 2/3 rental property! 
  8. -Under the new UDO 25-33% of the homes on some blocks will no longer be single family zoned!
  9. -There is undeveloped ground in the city (including the hospital site soon) that could be used as a possible solution to alleviate affordable housing issues. ADD housing without Removing housing and chances of home ownership!

"My husband and I moved into our home in our neighborhood to raise our family. We wanted to live in a neighborhood filled with homeowners who would be invested in their homes and community and therefore create a safer environment for not only our children but for people of all ages. We wanted to know our neighbors and not have to worry about being surrrounded by homes that may or not be maintained my landlords and or renters who may or may not be committed to the neighborhood. We did not sign up to live in an area where houses could be destroyed to be converted into rentals. These neighborhoods represent the dream of home ownership. We need to protect that dream! 
-Homeowner, Arden Place

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