City Council gives permission to kill domestic cats!

  • by: Paula Jones
  • target: Invercargill City Council Chief Executive Richard King, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt.

The Invercargill City Council CEO Richard King has condoned and encouraged members of the public to trap domesticated neighbourhood cats and kill them however they want with no questions asked! The council will even supply traps for anyone wanting to catch them.

Please - Tell the Invercargill City Council that this is not okay!

These are not wild feral cats, but domesticated cats.

This is an exceptionally irresponsible statement to promote. We are going to have crazy cat haters killing cats at will, they will be tortured, injured and left to die painful deaths. Everybodys cat/bestfriend/companion animal will affectedly be fair game to the sick members of society. The perpetrators will never be punished.

A woman who lives in invercargil owns almost 40 cats. The neighbours are upset that the cats 'swarm' through their quiet neighbourhood. The law does state that the maximum number of cats you may keep is 3, but to remove the cats from this property the council will have to go to court. As this is a slow and costly process, the CEO has opened the idea for neighbours to take matters into their own hands.

Instead these cats should be removed by an animal welfare institute and humanely put down if they can not be rehomed.

The Invercargil City Council CEO needs to immediately retract and issue a statement that anybody who kills or injures these cats will be held accountable and charged to the fullest extent of the law!

Update #33 years ago
The day has come! We are presenting this petition to the Invercargill City Council Tuesday 1 April at 4pm. Listen out for the response. Thank you everyone. Kind regards, Paula.
Update #23 years ago
Thanks everyone who is supporting this petition.
I will close this off at midnight on Saturday ready for presentation to the council on Monday.
Let us hope and pray that the council sees sense and that no cat has been harmed as a result of this irresponsible, thoughtless statement.
Thank you.
Update #13 years ago
The mayor thinks we have an issue with the actual trapping - doesn't realise it is the ACTUAL killing of the cats.
They just don't get it....
Invercargill wants to invite Gareth Morgan a verbal anti-cat hater there to hear his views about what they could do to get rid of these cats. Judging by this article in the news today - it's almost like they think it is a joke! This is just out of control.
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