Save the Hedgehogs! Take this one simple step.

Hedgehog numbers are falling rapidly by 5% every year. By 2025, they will all be gone.

    To save this creature from extinction all you need to do is to make a 'hedgehog highway' by removing a single brick from the bottom of your garden fence or by creating a hedgehog-sized hole. This will ensure that hedgehogs have the freedom they need to move between areas.

This small action, they say, will aid the remaining hedgehogs on their nocturnal forages, which can see them covering up to a mile a night on the hunt for worms and other tasty treats.

·                    Other tips for giving hedgehogs a hand include leaving patches of long grass. And people with garden ponds could consider providing hedgehogs with an ‘exit ramp’ in the form of a strategically placed stone. For hedgehogs can swim, many struggle to get out of ponds.

·                    Spread the word! Please inform your family and friends in other areas and soon everyone will have created a ‘hedgehog highway’.

    Twenty-three million households have access to a garden in the UK covering around 433,000 hectares (1 million acres). Reaching a modest 0.1 per cent of these could lead to the creation of a hedgehog refuge larger than the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.

    Even if you live in a suburban area, still carry out this pledge-suburban areas are perfect for hedgehogs as badgers are less common there.

Here is another petition, regarding all new developments requiring a 4" ground level gap in at least one gravel board per garden to allow hedgehogs to travel between gardens:

Also, be sure to visit 'Hedgehog Street'-they have some great tips and lovely photos of sitings of hedgehogs!

Please sign if you care for the future of hedgehogs!

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