Save our gardens and our greenery in Kuwait!

Instead of sending bulldozers to blindly annihilate our gardens, the government should encourage people to grow trees and bushes and flowers. As it stands, the government has imposed an irrational law that people cannot grow plants outside their house. Their reasoning is that their needs to be a pathway for pedestrians. Well, I DO have a pathway for pedestrians, but I'm also helping the dusty, dry desert air of Kuwait by planting a beautiful garden with palm trees, lemon trees, orange trees, etc where birds hover during the day and rest at night. A man came to my home and said that somebody complained about my garden, that there were too many bushes and tall trees! So...because of one anonymous hater, they gave me a verbal warning to remove my plants or else they will bulldozer them. I had my plants trimmed. Five days later, the man came again and said what I did wasn't good enough and I should have my garden totally removed! If I didn't comply, a bulldozer would come by the next morning and destroy everything, even the beautiful palm trees ripe with dates. I took my camera and went around the neighbourhood and took pictures of all the other houses with plants and gardens, all of whom have left smaller pathways than I have in front of my garden. This seems to be a personal vendetta against me, perhaps by the same people who closed down my art exhibition in March. But let it be known, I'm not giving in without a fight, hence, this petition. I will be standing outside my home tomorrow morning waiting for that bulldozer and it will have to destroy ME before it destroys my plants! Enough of this injustice. If they're trying to scare me out of Kuwait, then they better watch out for my next exhibition, because they can shut me down but they can't shut me up.

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