Remove Treasurer Becky Lindsey As Accomplice In Horrific Killing Of Neighbors Cat (Tiger)

  • by: Judy Holland
  • recipient: Big Horn County, Basin, Wyoming

By now, this story has reached the entire world with outrage from people in many countries as well as the U.S.

We know of the horrific, and torturous death of orange and white tabby cat Tiger at the hands of DVM Kristen Lindsey. He was the pet of her neighbor who was watching him for his owners. He was trapped, his hind leg mangled and then shot at close range with an arrow through his head by Kristen Lindsey as he lay crying in pain unable to move.

He was next held up by the arrow while he was still alive as Lindsey's mother Becky Lindsey, gleefully took a photo which was then later posted on Facebook.  To find out later that Tiger was alive at the time, broke our hearts and we then all vowed to seek swift justice for this sweet cat and keep it's torturers and killers from ever doing it again.

Kristen was quoted as saying that this was her first bow kill and that the only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head.
Becky Lindsey commented on this photo saying "She (Kristen) was practicing in the yard. We all saw it go down". Mrs. Lindsey was absolutely giddy.
Then not long after, she commented again saying "I took the picture."

This is perhaps, one of the most shocking and heinous acts of torture and murder of a docile domestic pet cat that this nation has ever seen.  We all know that there are many stories about animal abuse that make it to social media and while they're all appalling, this one is perhaps more difficult to grasp, due to the fact Kristen is a DVM and took an oath to help heal and protect all animals.

The grusome post on Kristens Facebook page, brought out the anger in tens of thousands of people (growing daily) and has resulted in several petitions to have Kristen Lindsey's medical license permanently revoked along with her prosecution for felony crimes.

Kristen has already been fired from her job at the animal clinic she worked at and has been denounced by her alma mater. She has also retained counsel.
We petition you now, to insist that Becky Lindsey be removed from her position as treasurer at Big Horn County in Basin, Wyoming for willingly and joyfully participating in this criminal act.

I am hoping that charges will also be brought against Kristen's parents Becky and Jack Lindsey for allowing this to happen and encouraging their daughter to abuse and kill a helpless animal. Who does this?

Someone with a blatant disregard for life, that can stand idly by assisting in the torturous grisly death of an innocent domestic animal while enjoying it so immensely, should not be allowed to continue representing your company and community.

The actions of this mother and daughter team are a criminal offense in all 50 states and a felony in most. This occurred in Texas.  A felony.
Becky Lindsey lacks empathy and any kind of basic human compassion. She was a willing excited participant in this crime and we ask for swift justice with her prosecution alongside her daughter and by removing her from your place of employment. Thank you.

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Update #58 years ago
June 15th, 2015

This particular petition site allows 5 updates only. I will be re-editing this last update with current news as it comes in.

This week marks yet another trip to the grand jury by Austin County District Attorney. There will most likely be Tiger protesters even thoough we are unaware if Kristens case will be discussed or not.
There is very little news at this time.
Check back here for updates. We will post anything new that comes in immediately!
Update #48 years ago
We believe the grand jury meets on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 to listen to the evidence in the case of the state of Texas vs. Kristen Lindsey DVM.

Her mother is an accessory. Her mother did nothing and watched the capture and torture of sweet Tiger. She watched Tiger die.

There must be justice. No other option is acceptable.
Update #38 years ago
If you would like your voice to be heard regarding the part Becky Lindsey took in the torture and murder of Tiger, please go to the Big Horn County web site and use their contact page.

The owners of Tiger are devastated over his senseless death.

Below is the Big Horn County web site link and the link to the Facebook memorial page, "Remembering Tiger".

Be Tiger's Voice!!!
Update #28 years ago
What company would want to be associated with someone who blatantly has zero regard for the life of an innocent animal, someone who could care less that someones pet was tortured and killed while you stood by doing nothing?

Becky Lindsey must be held accountable for her part in these crimes. We want as many signatures as possible.

Please share on your social media pages!

Update #18 years ago
I am amazed (and grateful) for all the signatures so far (Incredible!). If any of you are like me, the last couple of days have been filled with a great deal of sadness, tears, anger and a very very loud scream for justice.
If you have a moment, it would be awesome if you could paste the link to this petition to any of your social media pages so this petition can get heard and passed onto the Big Horn County Administration as soon as possible.

Thank you so, so much!!!

Next update: 4-22-15
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