Stop Starvation in South Sudan

South Sudan is facing a hunger crisis if the world does not act now. Due to a savage war that has displaced hundreds of thousands, food security in South Sudan is teetering on the verge. The UN states that if we do not allocate 230 million in the next 60 days we face a crisis similar to that of Ethiopea in mid-1980s. 

However, there is another issue at hand: peace. The reason for this food shortage is the brutal war that has been waging in the region. The President and his former Vice President are battling for power, and displacing many in the process. Without sucessful peace talks, displaced persons will continue to rise, regardless of aid. 

The purpose of this petition is twofold. First, allocate money for food aid to the most vunerable in the region before the crisis hits a point of no return. Two, encourage the US and their EU counterparts to assist in peace meetings between the two waring factions inside the country. 

Concrete steps must be taken and we must demand our representatives work to solve this situation, before it hits a point of no return. 

Honerable Representatives,

We are writing you on the issue of food security and peace in South Sudan. A recent United Nations report has stated that without an influx of aid to the region, we are looking at a famine that rivals that of Ethiopea in the mid 1980's. Most of you remember this time, as do I. I vividly recall the pictures of children starving to death and mothers weeping alongside vultures. The world cannot simply stand by and watch it happen again.

However, we also recognize that aid is not the only answer. A lasting peace must be met between the President and Vice President of South Sudan to ensure food security for the region, and help those internally displaced. We encourage you to use your diplomatic ties to help the peace process along, and start to bring stability to this young nation.

We cannot afford to let South Sudan destroy itself. We need your help.

Thank you for your time.  

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