Stop the dogs killing called by the Church at Punta Arenas

  • by: Daniel Romero
  • target: Bernardo Bastres, Bishop of Punta Arenas

You can see the cruelty:

The assassin bishop web page:

Homeless dogs are not a problem, they are an oportunity to make one family more happy. They deserve a chance to live, they are not guilty to be at the street, this is real because the humans make this happen.

Humans have to protect the animals, and fight the Church if they make the terrible mistake of make a call to start killing this dogs, this is against every thing the Bible says.

I want to help this to stop, I want more people to adopt this dogs and be more happy with them like I do with both of my dogs. No one have the right to use his power to kill animals, especially  the Church, this a huge mistake.

More info at: (strong images, how the dogs are dying)!hwk004xUGQngQ/

Mr. Bernardo Bastres

Bishop of Punta Arenas

Why is correct to kill an animal that lives at the street because some human let him there? Why do you have the right to use the power of the Church to start a call to kill those animals?

Would be better start a call to demand the town hall to build a rescue center for the homeless dogs like other town halls of Chile does it? (This is true, we have this places in Chile, I work in one of those)

I want you to tell the people at their faces why there is so much blood in your hands at this moment, I want you to apologize in front off all the people that loves animals and In front of all those dogs that have the luck to stay alive after you slaughtered their sons, father and friends (yes, they live in groups and have some kinds emotional relations among them).

You should be an example of love for all the people, even the ones that dont share your beliefs, and now you just awakened a huge hate over you, even in the heart of your church members. You just make a huge and horrible mistake, we will not let you do it again.

Stop calling the people to kill the dogs, and better do a call to every family to adopt one dog. If you do this, you will feel better, and you will be responsible of thousands of happy families.

Daniel Romero P.
A dog lover
Santiago, Chile.

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