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After reading the article "Can lazy people make the world a better place?" by Joel Boyce, I started thinking. All of the times I show up at x mall or x grocery store and there is always someone trying to raise money for whichever charity. Usually putting whatever change in my pocket in the little plastic box or directly in there hands, I always think how much of that money actually gets to the end user they are actually raising the funds for. Like everything in this world there is good, bad and many different shades of grey (50 or so...) There are real charities out there that do great work and help the cause they are working for and not just there pockets.

Having the above said it is the job of the person who is donating to educate them selves on how much actually gets to the cure/cause or end user. Once again going off of Joel's article and the great idea from Scott and Terry regarding the round up; when paying with your credit or debit card at the store you are paying at will round up to the closest  dollar and those cents will go to the charity of the stores choice.
Here's my idea just adding on to there's. VISA! It's already everywhere you go, life takes visa and more people go with Visa...;) We have a petition put together with at least 100 000 signatures for a new type of credit card called "the round up". For example, I have a Visa infinite I would like to add the new round up option that costs me an extra $50/year ( yes Visa needs to make money and of course $5 goes to your charity of choice). But here's the fun part, we have an option that we can chose to round up to the closest .25cents or.50cents or for the high rollers the closets dollar ON ALL PURCHASES MADE WITH YOUR VISA EVERYWHERE YOU GO! You can change your donation round up at anytime online to the number that suits you. Visa will work with Care 2 to help pick the charities in the beginning and we the users/givers have the choices accesible to donate online on our statement every month. Or for the really lazy users, the funds automatically go to the charity of your choice automatically every month. To add even more fun to the giving, Visa will provide you with a receipt at the end of each year proving to uncle Sam how much you donated for a little return of your own. Its win win for all and we could really start some serious giving!
Being someone who gives to local charities in Montreal, as this program grows Visa could accept new charities that we the givers choose to give to. It would be up to our chosen charities to contact Visa and get on the list. Obviously, I have not come up with a business plan on how to do this, although I am just passing this idea along and don't really care about the credit if it works. We are very fortunate to be able to help people and if we can have more people feel the way we feel it might just make this world an even better place to live! 
Thank you and have a great day, 

Derek Vincent
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