Say NO to shale gas fracking in Romania

One of the biggest oil companies in the world(Chevron) has decided to exctract shale gases in the south-estern part of Romania by means of fracking.There is no need to point out how dangerous this method is to the environment and to the future of the area.There is no need to say that earthquakes,poisonous water and dead animals will soon be part of this beautiful country.Both politicians and Chevron officials try to calm down the Romanian media with nice speeches about job oportunities and safe devices.Help Romania and sign this petition! Do not get fooled by their lies!

The following are taken from Greenpeace articles:

Hydraulic fracturing involves drilling a deep well vertically into the reservoir formation and then turning it horizontally into the deposit. Sand, water, and chemicals are injected into the rock layer, creating cracks that allow the gas to seep out. These cracks can extend as much as a few hundred meters into the rock from the injection well.''


The fracking process consumes huge amounts of water. It has been estimated that anywhere between 9000 and 29000 cubic metres of water is required for fracturing operations on a single well. This could cause problems with the sustainability of water resources even in temperate countries, and add to consumption pressures on supplies in more arid areas

The hazards associated with chemicals added to fracking fluids are very poorly understood. Indeed, in the US exemptions are made from Federal regulation and/or information is protected due to "commercial sensitivities. At least 260 chemicals are known to be present in around 197 products and some of these are known to be toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic. These chemicals can contaminate groundwater due to failure of the integrity of the well bore and migration of contaminants through subsurface pathways.

Anywhere between 15 percent and 80 percent of the injected fracturing fluid returns to the surface as flowback water, the rest remaining underground. This water contains fracturing additives and their transformation products. Substances dissolved from the shale formation during fracturing such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons and naturally occurring radioactive elements."

 "Air pollution:

The vapor that rises from the "evaporation pits" where fracking wastewater is often stored has been recorded as containing the potent carcinogen benzene. Leaks in gas wells and pipelines may also contribute to air pollution and to greenhouse gas emissions. Large numbers of vehicle movements and the operation of generating plant can also cause significant air pollution with acid gases, hydrocarbons and fine particulates.

Greenhouse Gases:

While more data is needed, several studies have suggested that when you include the full carbon footprint from fracking—from the production of the chemicals to the uncaptured emissions of gas into the atmosphere—the global warming pollution could be as bad or worse than coal.

Noise pollution and landscape impacts:

Well drilling operations can cause severe landscape degradation and noise pollution simply as a result of normal operations, and these may impact on local wildlife through habitat degradation."



 I am writing to express my concerns about some potentially heath damage programs that both Romanian Government and one energy company,namely Chevron Corporation try to force on Romanian people and Romanian soil.As citizens who care about this area governed,we feel it is our duty to let you know that we do not want anyone,nor Chevron,nor any other compmany to use fracking for gas extraction.
  In adition,the pollution is of great concern to the cities and towns that would sorrownd the area and also, as you can see in that petition, to people allover the world that know how dangerous this method is.Please do not risk the health of the Romanian children and do not let this beautiful country be destroyed.

  Thank you for your consideration

Victoria Rosenfield

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