Bring Muramasa Demon Blade to the 3DS

Marvelous once announced that Muramasa would come to the 3DS back in 2010/2011. However, they have brought it to the PS Vita instead. This is NOT a grudge match, however, as there is no problem with PS Vita fans having this awesome game.

However, when you love something, don't you want to share it? PS fans could share their experiences with Muramasa with Nintendo fans, bridging a barrier. Sign this petition to bring the game to the 3DS!

Dear Marvelous Entertainment,

I know you're a very busy company, so I appreciate the time you're taking to read this petition. As a fan of Muramasa - The Demon Blade, I will appreciate it being brought to the 3DS. I've only had the Wii version for a week, and I'm already in love with the game.

I've experienced and had so much fun with the game that I will love a portable version on the 3DS. The PS Vita offers me nothing except Muramasa - Rebirth, but if Muramasa - Demon Blade were brought to the 3DS, I would purchase the game. I mean no disrespect to Vita fans, either, both portable consoles should share this great game.

Momohime is one of my favorite characters in your game. Her storyline is interesting, along with the dynamic relationship between Jinkuro and Momohime herself. It's a fantastic tale; and it will be great if you brought this game to the 3DS.

I'm certain that if you port Muramasa to the 3DS that you will have an increase in revenue, more sales, and more fans. I have confidence that you'll consider this letter and petition to you. Thank you very much for having Vanillaware create such an awesome game.

-Aegis Runestone-

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