Repeal BSL in Moreauville, Louisiana

  • by: Mary Robbins
  • recipient: Governor Bobby Jindal, Mayor Timothy Lemoine, Police Chief Lemoine, Alderman Lemoine, and the board of representatives.

If you sign this petition, we have a fighting chance to save our dogs from the BSL bylaw in Moreauville, LA. Signing this petition would let the officials know we will not let our dogs go without a fight.

We the undersigned are writing to you in hopes that we those who are guardians of the pit labelled dogs and Rottweiler’s can all come to an understanding. We peacefully request that the bylaw is repealed on the grounds that it is unconstitutional and discriminatory.

By enacting a bylaw with “BSL” standards, you are henceforth breaking the constitutional and bill of rights. You are governing Louisiana without just cause for your action and bending people to your will. We the people shall not be in this type of bondage, all people have a right to own or be “free” to own whichever dog we shall choose, just like with the second amendment the right to “bare” arms. To act without justification is criminal. To threaten families with “You either remove your pit, pit mixes, Rottweiler’s or they will be dispose of” is criminal. To act upon the words of people who are “non-experts” in dog behavioural patterns or whom are non-statisticians is unsound, illogical and uncouth.

We the undersigned are shocked that this bylaw went into place without hearing from the guardians of said dogs. We therefore ask out of respect that a new conference take place where both participants can be heard and judged by peers. To where both parties can rightfully, bring their concerns to the board members and to the mayor.

We also ask that you do not punish guardians who are responsible enough to take care of said dogs, but pass the punishment on those who lack the skill and will to train and socialize their dogs. We ask that if you are going to go through with this bylaw to at least grandfather in those dogs that have been in said community for years, and have not had any past or present transgressions against said community of Moreauville, instead of tearing families apart from their family companions, which have done no harm to anyone. Or listen to our proposal’s and take it into consideration.

We the undersigned have received your letters. We find these letters to be unlawful non-binding or legally sound. Being as no official signature has been placed upon said letters. We find these letters also, to be fraudulent being as you and the board members never informed the community about said bill being in session. We the undersigned find our governing office to be unsound seeing, as they had to require outside assistance to process said law, from a fraudulent individual who runs a fake support group for supposed bite victims.

We the undersigned wish that you would consider putting in place an all dog law, instead of a discriminatory one. While also electing a non-biased animal control officer to handle all future complaints of dog attacks, or loose dogs. We also ask that all police officers be trained to handle non-aggressive or aggressive dogs, so they may better handle certain situations that may arise.

With all due respect, enacting a BSL bylaw, never accomplished anything, nor has it ever worked before. You still run the risks of other dogs attacking, maiming, mauling or causing death to people. Rottweiler’s, pit bulls and mixes are no different. 85% of the time, these dogs become blamed for something they never have done before. Many people cannot even tell the difference between each breed, it is therefore illogical to enact said law when people judge based on looks of said dog. Instead of testing their genetic coding. The other fact is that there are several types of dogs under the pit bull label, which you are condemning to death. Just to name a few- American bulldog, the Cane Corso, the Alapaha blue blood, the Dogo Argentino, Boxer, Scottish Terrier, Bull Mastiff and many more.

We know that public safety is a priority, which is why we think that these guidelines below will be suitable for both parties.

Instead of having a discriminatory law, change it to where all owners and their dogs must follow specific guidelines. Such as when walking have said dog on a short leash, muzzle in place, mandatory obedience classes. Possibly free or low cost, so everyone may afford it. Spay and Neuter programs in place. A required license to own said dogs. Fine owners for allowing their dogs to run loose. Fine owners for when their dogs attack while also holding said dog for 30 days or longer to test for aggressiveness, if said dog is non aggressive yet does attack again. Then said dog should be taken away and rehomed to a more capable owner.

As to the point, dogs who act out cannot be held responsible, being as the owner may have abused, mistreated or neglected said dog. Therefore said person should not be allowed to have another dog again. Which brings us to another point. Create an animal abuse registry listing to place irresponsible owners on, so they may never obtain another companion animal again.

With that, I ask that the voices of Moreauville, Louisiana BE HEARD while said bylaw is postponed until all parties come to an agreement.

Thank you for your time.

Update #34 years ago
BSL has been repealed. However, the battle is not over. The Mayor Timmy Lemoine supports and follows We need to end this Please help us get signatures to investigate DBO and possibly shut DBO down.-
Update #24 years ago
Officials Plan Emergency Meeting on MONDAY! They will be discussing with the town the ban ordinance issue and will try to come to some sort of agreements. Will see. Let's hope they get rid of this all out ban! Keep signing and sharing <3
Update #14 years ago
Officials Pledge to suspend enforcement of the ban.
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