Majestic animals who have roamed the earth long before us are subjected to horrific conditions, some trapped in cages waiting for someone with a lot of money to come along and take their life.
Hunters claim that conservation is their game. If they really cared, surely they would pay the money they seem to so easily afford and leave the animals in peace. It is proven although a lot of money is paid to slaughter these animals (often inhumanely) no or little money goes into the conservation, instead it goes into the hands of the greedy.
Kendall Jones claims efforts from herself and other hunters have brought the white rhino count from less than 50 - 20,000+ , not mentioning countless donations from 'non-killers', efforts from activists and volunteers. This is disgusting and cannot continue, please stand up for the rights these animals deserve, if anything more than us, they kill for food, not to show off.

Dear Mr Zuma, 

The world was outraged by the illegal death of Cecil the Lion, we ask for him to be the last. Why do we make it legal for people to pay inordinate amounts of money towards 'conservation efforts' which doesn't seem to reach the communities, though animals are still being slaughtered. I would like for you to consider not allowing people to take advantage of your beautiful country and animals it contains, while they still exist. 

There are people who put their lives into preservation of these amazing animals, for the rich and famous to end it all. 

I hope I have made a difference, and hope you could see your country in a few years time, rich with wildlife, tourism and communities. 

Thank you very much for your time,

Update #15 years ago
Haven't got much time, and not enough people. To really make an impact I ask you share this petition anywhere it will go. Stop these poor, beautiful animals being subjected to a constant shadow. It's only a few clicks away for them to be taken seriously.
Thank you for all you do for animals!
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