Idaho and Nevada, Don't Lure Farmers Out of States that Ban Cruel Battery Cages

  • by: Susan V
  • target: Idaho and Nevada Legislatures

The Farm Bill passed by the House last week upholds California’s new animal welfare law. But even though this law falls far short of ending factory farm cruelty, other states may still try to undermine it.

CA’s Proposition 2 on Standards for Confining Farm Animals is set to go into full effect in January next year. The statute requires that egg-laying hens, calves and pregnant pigs be able to lie down, stand up, turn around and fully extend their limbs. Also all eggs sold in CA must be produced meeting these standards.

After CA passed Prop 2, officials in Idaho and Nevada tried to lure CA chicken farmers to their states, offering “friendlier” regulations. Now that the Farm Bill is passed, these and other states may resume their enticements. Missouri has just stooped so far as to sue CA over its regulations.
Considered the cruelest of all factory farming systems, chicken battery cages were banned in Europe in 2012. CA is the first state to change the practice in the U.S, but most still allow it.

Proposition 2 is the very minimum these animals deserve. Instead of trying to undermine CA’s efforts, all states should end factory farming altogether, starting with these cruel cages.

Tell Nevada and Idaho, don’t lure farmers out of states that ban cruel battery cages.

We, the undersigned, say the minimal steps CA has taken to end factory farm cruelty should not be undermined by other states’ enticements.

In addition to demanding more space for farm animals, CA’s legislation also requires that all eggs sold in CA be produced meeting the same requirements.

The Humane Society says CA’s and Michigan’s efforts along with consumer demand has moved major retailers like Wendy's, Safeway, Burger King, Red Robin, Carl's Jr. and Hardees to start phasing out cage-free products.

And it adds that “Scientific research confirms the welfare problems with battery cages, veal crates and gestation crates.”

Giving farm animals enough space to lie down, stand up and turn around is the absolute minimum these sentient beings deserve. They of course deserve far more, but for other states to attempt to undermine these minimal efforts with cost-cutting enticements is outrageously shameful.

We request that Nevada and Idaho join the states that have adopted animal welfare laws and banned chicken battery cages and at the very least stop any attempt to entice farmers out of states that have done so already.

Thanks for your time.

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