Improve Safety on UKZN Campuses

As concerned members of the student society, we request the following measures be attended to and our suggestions for rectification be taken into consideration. (Please send a detailed response via email to the student body by Friday, 13 September 2019)
1. Many students are aware and concerned about the people entering our campus. We suggest stricter monitoring of the boom gates/ any entrances to the campus at all hours.
2. There have been many reports and concerns of organisations on various campuses attempting to recruit students on campus and get them to meet them in other locations. There are concerns that this is part of a human trafficking scheme and has made students very scared. We require stricter supervision of the campus.
3. At the boom gates, students want student cards of all occupants of the car to be shown before any car enters. This is especially due to the upset caused by the group of students at UKZN- Westville that were robbed at the Sport's Centre on Friday, 6 September 2019 and other incidents on the soccer field. Parents and drivers that have to frequently enter the campus to pick up and drop off students, should be allowed to get the discs similar to parking discs. Any other person should be required to write down their name (with proof of identification) and contact details when entering and leaving the campus. These people should have their cars and boots checked. If they are walking into campus, their person should be checked.
4. There have been many reports of a man stealing from students in the library. He is also said to have a knife. Students want RMS patrolling the library.
5. There needs to be higher security all over the campus so that students can feel safer throughout the campus. Students would like to have regular patrol of security all over the campus. Places mentioned are anywhere that are not directly visible to well populated areas e.g. the tunnel under the library at UKZN-Westville; the walk toward the biology building; the entire E block and patrolling all over the student parking's as students are being harassed.
6. Construction workers should have nametags. Students have been catcalled and as a result feel unsafe but don't have their names to report.
7. Students want supervision of the roads around the university as well to ensure safety on campus.
8. Some students are starting pepper spray initiatives and request the campus allow this.
9. The student residences have fire escapes that do no close and as a result of lax supervision of these doors and locks, students feel unsafe when unauthorized members enter their living areas. Reports have stated that guards are allowing unauthorised personnel into the residents.
10. At night, there needs to be more and working bright lighting around campus (e.g. From L block or any other venues for evening tests to exits of the campus).
11. At night their needs to be increased security patrolling on campus, to exits and to the residences.
12. More cameras need to be installed on campus covering a wider area.
13. Installation of proper doors in residential showers. Some residents have almost transparent doors and that is uncomfortable during showers.
14. RMS to be stocked with rape kits because after the clinic closes, medical help is distant. Also for the clinic to be stocked with rape kits and HIV tests.
15. Students have reported many cases of lecturers, demonstrators and tutors making advancements toward them that were unwanted. Stricter punishment need to be put into place to prevent such incidents.
16. Guards and other personnel, that victims of abuse go to to report incidents, need to be more sensitive when addressing the matters.
17. Perpetrators on campus should be suspended during their trial and excluded from the university should the claim against them be true.
18. The guards and RMS that are appointed need to be properly interviewed before being hired and any complaints against them need to be taken seriously. This is a massive safety concern for many students that have been harassed by the guards and RMS members.
19. Students/ student groups that leave campus at late hours should be given an escort to their residences or have a guard wait with them for their transport.

These complaints have been put forward by Women For Change. We request these changes be made soon and permanent.

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