Demand an End to the Old Fire System Now!

Rockland County residents are in danger! 

Rockland County has 26 Fire Departments, each of which are staffed 100% by volunteers. While not perfect, this system worked for the past 100+ years.

However, the number of volunteer firefighters is declining, the age of volunteer firefighters is increasing and on top of that, Rockland County has grown by more than 20% in the past 30 years.

The current volunteers do what they can do to extinguish all fires in their region. Most of us don't realize the impact these volunteers have had on our lives, so it's imperative that we show our appreciation to them, and sign for them to get paid at least something to go on with the hard work!

That said, we must realize that for multiple reasons, they are not always able to respond as fast as paid firefighters ho reside at the station can. It would behoove us to ensure that we have at least a minimal number of paid firefighters staying at the department 24 hours a day so that our firefighters can respond as fast as they are capable of!

There have been a number of claims recently in which individuals have stated that they witnessed structures in Rockland County burn for over 20 minutes before the first firefighter arrived.

New York City pays firefighters who reside 24 hours at the station and they consistently respond to calls in just  4-5 minutes (on average, sometimes less).

With the amount of traffic they must contend with, our fire-fighting volunteers simply can't respond fast enough! What's more, there's a plethora of multi-family homes popping up all around here. Our neighborhood is growing, but it's not expanding. In other words, right now in Rockland County, there are more people living in every square foot than ever before.

This means that structure fires in Rockland are even more dangerous then they have been previously, because there's a higher likelihood of additional casualties - especially with the old system! The "old system" was set up in the 1800's. That was wonderful when compared to the previous system (where the whole town ran to the river with buckets to fill with water).

It's time for another change - we're currently in the 21st century! There are over 3000 counties in the USA. Rockland County residents pay the second highest property tax rate of all the US counties!

The amount of taxes paid in Rockland County from the multi family dwellings built in the last 20 years have more than tripled! the same property that had one family home has 6 family condo or more where is all the tax money? 

It's time that our fire departments employ firefighters whom will reside in the fire stations 24/7. These firefighters should be paid for by the county!

For our safety, for our families' safety and for our neighborhood's safety! 

let us do something now, before somebody pays the ultimate price!

If you have any comments & or questions regarding our petition, announced by monsey residents pls. feel free to email us by Clicking Here!

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