BAN "HARD RIDING" help stop Farida Khans and others Abuse & Cruelty to horses;

  • by: Paula King
  • target: We ask Mr. Barack Obama to convey our request to the Bangladesh government and Animal welfare officials to ban the cruel act of "HARD RIDING"

*Please know that i am not the animal abuser*
 Please sign the petition to BAN "HARD RIDING" and help stop Farida Khans and others Abuse & Cruelty to horses;

Her Facebook is This evil women was first discovered on YouTube when she put a video up of her 'Hard riding', this started off a huge debate about what she was doing. I have heard news that she even has her own riding school which is only for girls and women. She teaches them to whip and abuse them so they're frightened of you because she thinks that it's good for them to be submissive and petrified. The strange thing is that they are only ride stallions (male horses), so i believe that she probably has some issues with men, she has possibly been abused and mistreated herself, that is why i think she takes all of her anger out towards the horses instead of getting any help. This evil vindictive control freak appears to be using a bull whip on the horses and try’s to pass of her animal abuse off as 'HARD RIDING' Many of her many vile comments on her Facebook photos disagree. Here are a few of the disgusting cruel comments that she has said; "He does bleed sometimes when i kick him too hard some days, but you could see him soaked in foam most of the time due to extensive "HARD RIDING" She has said on another post " I love to ride them pretty hard and love kicking in the flank quite hard and whip as much as hard possible" and  another said "it’s a great fun riding them specially the action of action forth and back its so fun, yes they are very scared of me" "i love to see them suffer underneath me"  I don’t know how she can say these vile comments without recognising that it is animal abuse, she even admitted that she " loves digging them in the flanks to make them perform better" 

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This is another link showing some of the pictures of her animal abuse: 

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