Get Rattlesnake Republic off Animal Planet!

Animal Planet has been airing a show called Rattlesnake Republic, featuring people who make a living off of collecting and abusing these animals. These snakes are not treated with an ounce of respect during the entire process. Catching the snakes often involves gassing their burrows, making the burrows uninhabitable for years. The snakes are kept in overcrowded conditions. They're denied food and water and many of them die from the stress or sickness of being gassed. Many of the snakes are killed in the roundup events so their skins can be sold.  Those who collect the snakes try to say it's ok because they're also collecting venom to be used in anti-venom production. Many venom laboratories though, will not buy this venom as it not collected properly. The roundups also try to stress education but all they're really doing is showing people that the these animals are only here for a humans entertainment and that their well being is not a concern.
Animal planet says that the show does not reflect their own personal views towards these practices. But by allowing this show to be on air they are saying that they are ok with what is going on. They're not doing anything to stop these roundups. They're not teaching their viewers about animal conservation and understanding. They're supporting cheap thrills and animal abuse. We need to get this show off Animal Planet!! 

Dear Animal Planet,

Please take your show, Rattlesnake Republic off the air. Rattlesnake roundups are very harmful to the animals. Snakes caught in these roundups are abused and often killed. Even the venom that is collected from them is not viable for use as anti-venom and venom laboratories will not buy it.
This show teaches nothing aside from saying that animal abuse is ok and these snakes are here for our cheap entertainment.
By airing this show, you are saying that you agree with what is going on. Otherwise you would do something about it. Please take this show off the air and teach the public about animal conservation instead of animal abuse. 

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