Stop Steve Kerr from Ruining Stephen Curry and the Warriors

Steve Kerr actively ruins the fan experience by grossly misusing an All-Time great in Stephen Curry by having him off the ball for a majority of their possessions. It not only ruins the fan experience, it makes it actively harder for the Warriors to win games and Curry's legacy is actively being compromised. Having Curry off the ball for the majority of the game is equivalent to having MJ, KD (guess why he left the Warriors), LeBron, CP and any other list of NBA stars you can think of off the ball - it literally makes zero sense and no coach uses a star player in this way. Despite this abuse of power by Kerr, Curry's greatness has overcome it over the years as he made himself useful off the ball with the sheer amount of energy he generates just by being on the court.

This year, Curry has not been the same and here is the reason: Kerr has taken extra measures in the 2021-22 season to ensure that Curry can't be in rhythm by taking away the regular minutes Curry has played for the last seven seasons under Kerr, which is 12 minutes in the 1st and 3rd quarters and typically 6 minutes in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Curry now plays the first 9 minutes of the 1st/3rd, while starting the 2nd/4th with the second unit, then gets taken out, then gets inserted back into the game with 4 minutes remaining or less on most nights. If you don't believe this is taking Curry off his rhythm, you will notice that Curry is shooting a career-worst by an insurmountable margin. Both Curry AND Kerr have stated that the sub-pattern hurts his rhythm, but 47 games into the season, Kerr still hasn't reverted back and said in his most recent interview (after being grilled about it by MULTIPLE journalists in a press conference) that he is not going to do anything about it.

To simplify as much as possible, Curry is forced to run Kerr's offense to start games and barely gets any individual scoring opportunities. When he does get a chance, it's under Kerr's terms rather than on his own terms. By the time he tries to get going offensively, 7-9 minutes of the first quarter has passed and just as he tries to get into a rhythm for himself, Kerr takes him out of the game. A perfect way to make sure Curry is never truly in rhythm. Then Curry begins the 2nd quarter where he is back to playing off the ball, despite the fact that he is playing with much lesser talent in the bench unit, who should be relying on him to do the bulk of the scoring - Curry is the greatest point-generator of all time, after all. He doesn't, gets maybe a couple of shots up before being benched again for a few minutes before coming back to end the quarter. Rinse and repeat for the 2nd and 4th quarters, and you have the version of Curry that we are all seeing now - almost always out of rhythm and unable to make the shots that he would normally be able to make in his sleep. What is the coach doing about this? Absolutely nothing. In their most recent game against the Jazz after Curry shot 5-20 from the field (he has had a majority of his career-worst shooting games this season), Kerr came out saying Curry is playing great and he is not worried at all. Meanwhile, more than half the season has gone by, the team's offense has been one of the worst in the league for months and Curry is starting to lose confidence, which is something unseen in his time in the NBA.

It's bad enough that Kerr has Curry playing off the ball for a majority of the game. For him to also take Curry's rhythm away and think this is totally okay is a basketball crime. Curry is suffering under the dictatorship of Kerr and it's time for the fans to stand up and let their voices be heard! Please sign this petition so that Kerr can see how many fans disagree with what he is doing!

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