STOP 5G Network!!! Part of Agenda 21: The Human Depopulation Process

  • by: Naomi Nye
  • recipient: The Telecommunication Industry

Countries are in a race to bring 5G Network to the masses. They entice us by offering impressive data speeds, end of laggy apps & non existent out of sync video calls, but the truth is that 5G was created for machines needs, and not ours in mind. 5G will be ushering in "Mechanization," the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that in 15-20 years will be replacing 5.1 million American jobs to robots.

But the worst part is what 5G represents for humans, and the health of all living organisms. The World Health Organization classified RFR's a Class 2B Carcinogenic, and the new 5G infrastructure wants to put a miniature cell tower practically in every home. These cells towers will emit RFRs & EMFs into the air we breath. It will be like living inside a microwave.

RFRs and EMFs are linked with a myriad of diseases including brain cancer, Glioma. It attacks the immune system, and causes burning and tingling sensations in the head, dizziness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, ringing in the ears, headaches, indigestion, loss of memory, and increased heart rate.

On a deeper level exist a long list of adverse biological effects, including:
*DNA single and double strand breaks (which leads to cancer)
*Oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature aging)
*Disruption of cell metabolism
*Increased blood brain barrier permeability
*Melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and more cancer risks)
*Disruption to brain glucose metabolism
*Generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases)
Plus effects on the skin, heart, eyes, cell growth rates, effects on bacteria resistance, effects on plant health, disruption of the natural ecosystem and much more.

5G violates Article 3 of The UN Declaration of Human Rights which states that "everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person." 

Sign this petition and we will contact all the health and safety agencies in charge of protecting the public in order to halt the 5G Network!

We need your signature, together our voices will be heard. We have the power because we have the numbers, and it is time that we, the people, take control of our planet before it's too late.

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