Don't let man who drugged and raped his wife off the hook!

  • by: Michael Taylor
  • target: Terry Curry from Marion County prosecutors office and Gregory A. Ballard Mayor of Indianapolis

Forgive your rapist, I am setting him free.

With these words one judge sent a woman’s life in turmoil, and her faith in the justice system into a tailspin. But even more sinisterly, in those few words, one judge sent a loud message to the rest of Indianapolis, and even America: There is no consequence for rape.

Drugging your wife, premeditated rape and filming it for over three years is a heinous crime. In fact any one of those alone deserve a prison sentence. This woman trusted her husband, shared a home with him, shared her bed with him, only to have her trust broken; not only by her husband, but by Judge Eisgruber, Marion Superior Court and the justice system as a whole. To be so horribly violated, and then filmed, all while you are helpless, unconscious and so vulnerable is unfathomably cruel. And then to be told that you must forgive, and even worse, that your rapist is being set free is mind-boggling.

David Wise had been drugging his wife, Mandy Boardman, and raping her in her sleep for three years did not apologize once, or even show an ounce of remorse was sentenced to 20 years, but not one day in prison. Of the sentence, 12 years were suspended and 8 years were to be spent in home confinement. And this after Wise was convicted on all six counts.

David Wise was convicted of drugging and raping his wife. He showed no remorse, and has not issued one apology. His actions were monstrous, premeditated and inhuman.  His excuse: She was snippy and it made her nicer when he drugged her.

Yet he is a free man.

His wife left reeling by his actions, now let down by the justice system too.

The man she trusted most did this to her, the law she depended on failed her. Where does she turn to now?

That is where you and I step in.

I will not stand by and watch as David Wise goes unpunished. I will not stand bye and watch a judge send a message that rape is ok. And I hope that you will do the same. By signing this petition you are doing more than helping Mandy get justice, you are also saying to the world that men don’t rape, and that if they do, the punishment will fit the crime.

Do not let this man go unpunished, society does not need him, we are not safe with him in our neighborhoods and our streets. We demand that you give David Wise the punishment his crime deserves.

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