Stop cutting content from video games only to sell it latter at 1/3 of the cost of the original game

  Hello, my name is Lui E. Morales Falcon. I decided to write this petition to raise awerness that some video games companies are actually cutting content that was to be included in the original products only to sell it later at an aditionall cost to consumers. Doing this is a clear violation of the state of the integrity of the buyers. I can understand if that content is selled free to some who aldready buy the game or pre-order it. But that practice also prevents people like me to use said content even thougth I bought the game in cuestion. An official definition should come form the state defining what content is additional content that expands a game or content that was intentionally cutted in order to play the game.

 The main root of the problem come from the ever popular video game Mass Effect 3, in wich the player is tasked in stopping a threat to the galaxy. The point is that some content was intentionally (new taken form (Dark Side Of Gaming) cut from the game in order to "FURTHER POLISH IT". Thcte practice of selling DLC should also be monitared in the same way products released on the market is monitored to ensure that companies are not "stealing" from their comsumers. And in a game series in wich the desicions in the previous game affect the final outcome ( or so the developer claims). If I was to replay the series some prblems will surface, I cannot replay that content. 

 On an interesting side note, why should people who do not have internet connection after going someplace else to dowload get a message informing them that unless their console is connected to the internet the cannot use the content they aldready paid for it. Both the publishers and developers use this kind of practic to reduce the number of people buying the game from the used game bin. In the sense that connecting to internet ensures said company the rigths to monitor the game while the comsumer is using to make sure it is not a pirate product, wich I can undestand that they would want to protect there earnings and product name. That said, gamers and people who buy a game from a legal store should not be penalized for not having an internet connection. Like in the case of Mass Effect 2 (another game  made by Bioware and published by EA (the other being Mass Effect 3)), I cannot acces content that I downloaded over a year ago and still not being able to use it. Here is a list of the DLC packs I have aldready bought and installed in my console: Zaeed, Normandy Crash site, Fire walker Pack, Overlord, Kasumi, Shadow Broker Base, Arrival.
 The same thing hapens in the mutiplayer content from the game, In wich by playing it gamers unlock powerful bonuses for the use in the single player campaing.Only you also have to be connected to the internet to use it. This is not the only game that does this: Dead Space 2, Battlefield 3 all have a multiplayer sectiont in wich you always have to have a high-speed internet connection always on in order to play with other people. While multiplayer usually means that the game has to be played by more than one pearson to use it, it does not have to be the case here.One could simply create a character, start a single player session, have one AI controlled partner and do the mission that is requered from us in that instance. I completly approve that to recieve extra content be it paid or free one should connect to an internet connection, but that is it, we should not be forced to have the game 24/7 connected to the internet connection in order to use it. And that means going to a frinds house and using his/her console to download game content in their console, after asking the owner politely first, and go to their house with no problems coming out that says that the content cannot be read for requiring for some DRM licenses after downloading it ina system you do not own (like my friends house). Thank you for you time and I sure hope companies stop ripping up their consumers. 

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