Please,fight against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival !

The Dog Meat Festival is an annual celebration held in Yulin,Guangxi,China,during the summer solstice. It is estimated that 10,000-15,000 canines are consumed in about 10 days.Dogs and cats are gathered,mostly stolen,and tightly packed into cages often to endure trans-provincial journeys to Yulin.Animals are cruelly treated and often slaughtered in public.There are no cultural or any other excuses to this.Please,join our fight to end Yulin Dog Meat Festival for good.

Dear Yulin Governor Chen Wu,

This is a request to cancel the Dog Meat Festival that is held in June 2016 in Yulin.The celebration has generated a lot of negative media reports,protest marches and public distaste.Since we have great respect for the Chinese civilization and its people,we are saddened to hear the festival still exists in a modern society.

The canines are gathered,mostly stolen,and tightly packed into cages to endure trans-provincial journeys that can last for hours or even days.Many of them will die or get sick.Many can carry toxins in their body.There have been numerous rabies cases in Yulin in the past years and all of the infected people have died from the disease.Hence,this is a public health issue as well,for no one can guarantee the safety of dog meat.

Although the festival has been promoted as a local folk custom,it does not really have anything to do with local culture.There are no excuses for torturing in public,beating and slaughtering animals in a cruel way.You have the authority to stop this outdated practise that will only damage the reputation of Chinese culture.

Please,keep Guangxi a beautiful place where many tourists want to return year after year.The Dog meat Festival will only bring disgrace to this region.Thus,we kindly ask the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region government to stop it from this year on.


Minna Salonen,Finland 

Update #56 years ago
Recent news: 1 400 dogs,destined to be killed,were rescued by Chinese volunteers (HOPE FOR CHINA) !

There many activists and investigators working for the case in Yulin (and all over the world).
Moreover,the attitudes are changing in China so,that in fact a dog can be treated as part of the family - just like we have been used to think...There is hope! :)
Update #46 years ago
Yu Hongmei,director of the VShine Animal Protection Association,said:
"China needs to progress with times.Preventing cruelty to animals
is a sign of a mature,civilized society."
Update #36 years ago
Unlike most of us have assumed,in Yulin,China,cat and dog meat is consumed all year round beyond all measure - outside the festival.
Update #26 years ago
Thank you all who have signed! Please,share more,as the abhorent festival is only two months away :/
It is Stray Animal Day today.As we all know it is not a happy day to all stray animals :/
India has got the worst stray dog problem in the world and now thinks that selling them to China would be a solution. However,the only proven methods are sterilization and vaccination.
You can try to help by signing also
Update #16 years ago
It is said that abuse is an integral part of the slaughter:
"With the torture dog meat becomes more tender",and guess what, "it makes men more virile."
So disgusting... :(
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