END the Slaughter of the Taiji Dolphins & Pilot Whales!

  • by: John Wesen
  • target: Prime Minister of Japan ShinzoAbe

In Taiji, Japan, Dolphins and Pilot Whales, are being senselessly slaughtered, in a way that will haunt you forever.

I've seen the 'Current Killing Methods', used by these fisherman. (Search Youtube). WARNING GRAPHIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzOw5IBmqWk

I was physically SICK when I saw it, and cried.

Yes, a grown man who rarely cries, was broken, and gutted by these abominable acts of sheer, murderous, cruelty.
The Official method of killing, used in the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts, was a spike, driven into the cervical region ("neck") of the Dolphin, severing its Brainstem.
What I saw, were steel rods, slowly driven into the Dolphins heads, whilst the 'Killing Corrales' filled with their blood.

Prior to the current method, these 'select' group of Fisherman, slit the Dolphins throats.

They are Hunted.
They are Herded.
They are Trapped.
They are Killed.

How could you
NOT want to help end this?

How will YOU tell YOUR Children, that the Dolphins are extinct?

It started in the 17th century.. Let's END it in the 21st.

Need to see for yourself?

View the Live Stream, from Taiji!

Dear Prime Minister, Abe.

I'm sure you've seen the atrocities that befall the Cetaceans, in Taiji, Japan.

Fisherman there, driving these creatures into a killing cove, that rivals the 'Belsen Horror Camp'.

These magnificant, sentient, Dolphins, and Pilot Whales, murdered, and drowning in the blood of their families.

What these men do, goes BEYOND slaughter.
They kill with such hatred!
People who are capable of such actions, shouldn't be walking our streets, or breathing our air.. and absolutely should NOT be allowed to BREED!

It HAS to end, Mr Abe!

Social creatures, like WE are, were made to be admired, and respected.. not captured for our entertainment, or slaughtered for their meat.
It is akin to 'child murder', and that's how I feel, when I view a slaughter video.
I'm sure you've seen 'many' of them.

Here is one of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzOw5IBmqWk

Pilot Whales, suiciding against rocks, out of fear, and desperation!

I’ve watched several horrific slaughter
videos, and their method(s) of killing is
NOTHING like the fishermen of Taiji, would have you believe.
From the moment they drove the steel spike in to the Dolphins neck, to the time it
took the Dolphin to die, was almost 10,
excruciating minutes.

Japan has become a disgrace, to this world.
You need to make a positive step, to end this, before you force the world into boycotting you, and your products.

Have some honor, compassion.. Heck, you ONLY need a pair of EYE'S to see how barbaric the Dolphin Drives are.

Mr Abe, end it NOW, and be remembered in history, as a man with honor, and morals.. a man with a heart.

They have a right, to LIVE, and we are SICK of being ashamed of our species, which has become LESS than 'sub-human'!

John Wesen

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