Hold America to Her Ideals of Liberty & Justice For All

  • by: J.L. Angell
  • target: All Eligible Voters and Residents

Many political initiatives designed to strip segments of society of their rights and/or to make them less equal have emerged in Congress and State legislatures in recent years.  Some of them came from ALEC.  Targets include the poor, students, minorities and the elderly (changes to voting rights), women (equal pay, discrimination protections, access to preventative care, contraception and abortion), LGBTQ (spousal benefits, adoption, marriage) and undocumented immigrants (AZ and AL, etc.).  Some have been proven unconstitutional by the reportedly most conservative SCOTUS in history; others are still working their way through the courts at taxpayer expense.

Either our own rights have been targeted or can be next if we remain silent.  Commit to telling your state and federal representatives and senators that you disagree with these paths at odds with what the founding fathers envisioned--as frequently as needed until they listen and hear.

For those who will not hear, and were not replaced in November, remind them of your views and duty to represent you and your interests.

We who either did not vote or voted for those proposing or voting for such legislation are responsible for these results.

Follow-up with letters, phone calls and emails to hold current ones accountable through the end of the year and newly elected ones continuously.

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