Demand Dallas World Aquarium release their Black Panther to a Sanctuary

  • by: Elisabeth K
  • recipient: Daryl Richardson, Owner of Dallas World Aquarium

The Black Panther (jaguar) at Dallas World Aquarium is kept during the day in a two-level enclosure which includes a small glass cage about 25 foot square. In the wild it would normally have a territory of 8-30 square miles. It is inhumane to keep such a large cat in an enclosure which gives him little ability to run or exhibit natural behaviour.

Daryl Richardson's controversial Dallas World Aquarium has already had two previous jaguars die due to complications related to their poor conditions in captivity. A recent news report quotes a former employee saying, “If every zoo ran like his does, there would be no animals left on the planet. It would be sucked dry.”

The panther shows severe signs of distress such as pacing and looks utterly miserable and depressed. This animal should not have to spend the rest of its days in these hideous conditions being stared at by people for money, it should have the right to be moved to a large cat animal sanctuary to live out the rest of its natural life.

The Dallas World Aquarium should commit to humane conditions for all their animals which means no more big cats – they do not have the space!

You can see how tiny the glass cage is from this youtube video

Dear Daryl Richardson,

Keeping a large panther in a small enclosure at your Dallas World Aquarium is irresponsible, cruel and inhumane. Large cats need large spaces to roam and exhibit natural behaviours. Please do the right thing and send your clearly miserable and depressed jaguar to an animal sanctuary where it can live out the rest of its natural life in happier surroundings.

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