Facebook unfair!! We demand user support dept in FB (w/real person) FBにユーザーサポート係を設置してもらいたい。


(English)I think Facebook handle our report/inquiry not equally. Many people complain their accounts/posts were suddenly deleted/locked/suspended for no specific reasons, I have a similar experience. I have posted a photo of a sphynx cat with my Japanese friend on the cat fan page I am admin of, FB soon notified me that they have removed the photo because of violation, but the photo was no nudity, crime, or discrimination,, still don't know why, ... when trouble with FB like that happen, we want to ask them why, what was wrong , but FB never provide us for solution, once it was taken down as violation by their decision, it's over, but What FB think is not always correct.
I believe the decision is by their guess, mood, ignorance, or machine. Recently I saw personal accounts whose name were "Persian Cat", " Grumpy Cat", "xxxxx cat" "xxxxxkatt", also "xxxxDeli"(using personal acct for Deli business).
According to FB, using personal account with Pet's name, or for business is violation. I reported those accounts to FB, but they said those accounts were not violation, if FB employees are real human, why do they not immediately notice and agree with my report that those accts were using not real person's name?
and how they immediately replied and told me that they did not violate?
someone have reported my acct as a fake name although my acct is with my real name, FB requested me for valid ID then.
My question is if FB did the same to the accts of "Persian cat", "Grumpy cat" "xxx Deli" when I reported as fake name/business. FB asked them for ID? then Persian cat, Grumpy Cat, xxx Deli were able to show FB their Valid ID? (Well... Grumpy Cat may have owned her valid ID).
I believe FB do not handle our report seriously and equally.
Another episode about it.. about a year ago, I saw a friend of friends posted or shared a photo of a man, all full back nude, (his naked butt was all visible), I reported FB twice, nothing happened. they said nothing violated.
I thought it was violation for nudity. I have created a collage photo that partially showed a man's butt (cut out from RED BOOK magazine!) but not full back showing, but FB removed it from my wall. they said it was violation for nudity, So what does that mean? partial Butt is violation, but full back is NOT?
It makes me feel as if I report the police a crime, but police do not believe. Is FB serious about their real name policy? seriously against nudity and other offensive posts?
Once they decide and take it down by their decision(even if it is their error), it is over? isn't that unfair not to hear our side of reasons/questions? Please provide User care dept with phone#/email (not Self-Help, FAQ) !!

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